I feel like a WB Sitcom

September 1st

I am just so happy, I can´t stop smiling. I love traveling. I love being in a foreign country. I love not wearing a lick of makeup and pulling my wet hair into a pony tail each morning without a second thought. I love giving nearly everything I´ve brought away to people who could really use it and stuffing all my possessions into one small backpack. I love buying breakfast on the street for a few cents and living such a simple way of life.

I love that I will be in my own bed one week from today.

Life in Bolivia is good. The food, a bit too good. I¬¥ve eaten myself silly in the last two weeks. They make great bread in this country and when everything else has made my stomach go a bit haywire, bread has come to the rescue — a good five pounds of rescue, I am guessing by the snuggness of my jeans. The wine is great. Last night, after a bit of this and that from four different bottles from a local winery, I stumbled out of my chair at a Cuban restaurant and remembered that I¬¥m at a much higher altitude and the drunk, stumbling gringa isn¬¥t as cute in person as she thinks she is after yet another “vaso de pinot, por favor.¬¥¬¥ Speaking of the Cuban restaurant, have you ever had ropa vieja? Wow. Hands down my new favorite food of all time. It is pulled beef that is marinated with magical spices — a bit like machaca without the bite. It is so, so good. And I loved the giant portion of rice and beans. Bolivians aren¬¥t terribly keen on beans, so it was a nice change the bread routine. Me likey Cuban food in Bolivia.
Today, a day of wandering the markets and checking email and avoiding work because I´m on vacay baby! I´m off to La Paz tonight and Peru tomorrow. I am counting my lucky stars to have this opportunity. I am just so goofy happy, I feel like I should have a soundtrack playing behind me as I wander the streets of South America with arms outstretched. I really am in seventh heaven.


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  1. Sounds fantastic! Enjoy your R&R (and some more vino!)

  2. Aw, so good to hear! I’m thrilled that you are having such a wonderful experience. I was just telling my mom about your travels yesterday. We both admire you so much for doing this. Be safe…and enjoy yourself (snug jeans & all! you can remedy that when you get home)

    PS I hope to be a sewing fool by the time you arrive back in the states! FINALLY 🙂

  3. Oh Kelli, I love reading about your adventures!

  4. yummy food. wish you could fedex some to me. i love trying new cuisine. and your adventures sound so glamourous. lucky lucky you. just be careful. mindful of the altitutde. and Peru? oh, you’re the luckiest woman in the world. can’t wait to see your photos and read more about your fun times.

  5. So sweet! Soudns like a fabulous adventure an the FOOD! Oh, sounds so yummy.

  6. Reading your trip reports takes the rest of us along with you. Thanks for the trip to Bolivia!

  7. No matter we haven’t had some of those fabulous beans… we all are smiling after reading this. Thanks, Kelli. Go on, have fun, enjoy and tell!

  8. I’m so happy that you are safe and doing well. I have really enjoyed reading about your trip and can’t wait to hear more.

  9. How wonderful to hear how happy you are! Yep, ropa vieja is muy delicioso! I make it quite a bit.

  10. Eat it up, Donk! Drink all the wine, eat all the bread and hug all the willing natives you can! And then come right home safely so we can craft.

    I love to hear you so happy — enjoy it all.


  11. I’m so glad your having a GREAT time! Wine & Bread sound divine!!!! Lucky You 🙂

  12. Eat, drink and be merry! And enjoy your vacation!

  13. I’m so happy that things are going so well for you on this adventure. We all look forward to your safe return home. In the meantime, enjoy every moment.

  14. Hey, it’s not a real vacation if your jeans aren’t a little tighter when you come back!
    Have fun!

  15. It is so amazing to get to hear about your visits with other countries and people. You touch every one you meet. Enjoy your stay and don’t worry about the extra pounds, you’ll have a lifetime to make those jeans fit again.

  16. kelli, you are on an amazing journey and incredible work. be well.

  17. Yay! Vacanza! Strangely enough, I too just tried ropa vieja for the first time…in a Cuban restaurant in Sweden, no less! Very yummy. Send me a postcard, pen pal!

  18. It sounds amazing – it’s always wonderful being wear no -one knows you. No make up, no smart clothes just people watching !