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August 3rd

caddy, ready for a crib

Dear Finny,
Ever been this close <---> to being finished with a sewing project and realized your print fabric was cut the wrong direction? I briefly considered starting over. I’d been working on this caddy for a good four hours. Instead, I poured myself a nice cold glass of reisling and said, “What would Finny do? She’d say, ‘Who doesn’t love a topsy turvy giraffe?'” Indeed.
Certainly the new wee one to whom this caddy is intended won’t mind.

goodies for the caddy

My friends are having babies like they don’t own television sets. All of a sudden, everyone is pregnant. Come to think of it, it’s been about three years since I was drowning in bridesmaid gowns. I’ve got more baby gifts to create than you can imagine. I’m getting the feeling this bathroom toiletry caddy turned crib caddy will be my token shower gift this season.

caddy, stuffed

What do you think? I can see this thing hanging off of a crib, ready and waiting for action. I briefly considering making another one for the parent’s bedroom, stuffed with Tylenol and tiny bottles of tequila, but I figured my sarcasm and a cesarean makes for a pretty rough week. And what is the August project already? Geez man. Get on the ball.


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  1. This is absolutely fabulous, Kelli! More of your friends will probably get pregnant, just so they can get one!

  2. Butt Paste is the world’s best diaper rash creme, in case you needed more ideas to fill your bags.
    Plus, it’s called Butt Paste, which is good fun in my book!!

  3. If it is hanging off the side of the crib, the baby will look at it sideways, so the giraffes will be oriented the right way for said baby. Perfect!

  4. What a great idea to make a crib caddy! My friends are all having babies like crazy now too – I may have to give your idea a try. Love that fabric too!

  5. Oh yeah, definitely a good call leaving the caddy as-is. Think of it as part of the design: “What a cute stripe — wait — those are giraffes! Wow!” See?

    I actually dig the special parents edition of this gift idea, too, but that kind of sarcasm is right up my alley.

  6. Heck, just the caddy with the tequila would be awesome — leave it near the crib, inbibe during those 2AM yowls, and you’ll get RIGHT back to sleep….

  7. “My friends are having babies like they don’t own television sets” is the best line I’ve read all week.

  8. Oh what a cute gift! Love it. Have a great weekend.

  9. Of course I am going to rip this idea right off and make some of these for all the baby-havers around here. I’ll just be doing it without using vinyl.

    Already, huh? Here…

  10. I had that fabric at one time too. hmmm.
    It’s so cute and what a great idea for a baby gift. I’ve got a few to make myself.

  11. great idea for shower gifts. my cousins are all having babies this year. i ran out of ideas for shower gifts!

  12. The caddies are adorable!!!! Anyone getting one will love it! As a mommy, I can tell you, this is a very practical gift (and so cute to boot!).
    You’re awesome! Hope you’re healing up okay.


  13. I love your caddy. The sideways giraffes remind me of a jungle print top I had when I was little. It had been made upside down, so only I could see the animals by looking down at them while I was wearing it! And you know, the lucky babe who’s going to receive it will probably be looking at it sideways on from where they’re lying in the cot, so it’s perfect as it is!

  14. great idea to use for new moms gifts and fill it with the goodies, tequila or baby powder.
    will definitely have to make one when i get back to usa.

  15. Oh Miss Kelli – beautiful and very thoughtful as usual! πŸ™‚ I know the feeling. My friends had 10 babies last year and my office is filling in the gaps this year….if I could sew I’d be so on this project! It’s on my list of things to learn….

  16. Sarah HB August 3, 2007

    Still looks good even if it is sideways.

    I went through the stage where everyone was having babies but I am mostly over it now.

    Glad you & Ruby are getting along again.

  17. I love the topsy turvy giraffes! And Riesling huh? That sounds like it would make the hand sewing go down so much smoother!

  18. This turned out awesome! I’ve been too scared to even look at the directions for this project cause there is no way I could stay interested with that many steps:)

  19. but when babe is laying in the crib, the giraffes will be the right way round!

    I like the idea of one for the mum – tylenol, nipple cream, tequila etc

  20. i love this idea! and you are wayyy less behind than me my friend πŸ™‚ i still have an apron and a caddy to make! good thing the caddy will come in handy in my dorm!

  21. Awwwww……I used that SAME giraffe fabric to make my son a sleep mat for daycare when he was little – he’s almost 8 now. Thanks for reminding me of that memory!!! And I think the recipient will love it!!

  22. Why are posts like this written – without further followup? Don’t you feel like we are left hanging?