I Hear Cable is Fun Too

caddy, ready for a crib

Dear Finny,
Ever been this close <---> to being finished with a sewing project and realized your print fabric was cut the wrong direction? I briefly considered starting over. I’d been working on this caddy for a good four hours. Instead, I poured myself a nice cold glass of reisling and said, “What would Finny do? She’d say, ‘Who doesn’t love a topsy turvy giraffe?'” Indeed.
Certainly the new wee one to whom this caddy is intended won’t mind.

goodies for the caddy

My friends are having babies like they don’t own television sets. All of a sudden, everyone is pregnant. Come to think of it, it’s been about three years since I was drowning in bridesmaid gowns. I’ve got more baby gifts to create than you can imagine. I’m getting the feeling this bathroom toiletry caddy turned crib caddy will be my token shower gift this season.

caddy, stuffed

What do you think? I can see this thing hanging off of a crib, ready and waiting for action. I briefly considering making another one for the parent’s bedroom, stuffed with Tylenol and tiny bottles of tequila, but I figured my sarcasm and a cesarean makes for a pretty rough week. And what is the August project already? Geez man. Get on the ball.