Ignite Boulder 17

December 12th

A few weeks ago I spoke at Ignite Boulder 17. My spark was ” V is for Victory Gardens.”

The more I volunteer with hunger organizations, the more I realize this is a policy not supply issue. Rather than tackling the economic and political reasons causing hunger in the US, I am focusing on what individuals can do to pitch in. Planting a garden to supplement your neighborhood food bank’s shelves is one easy way to help feed hungry people good food. If you need help getting your garden started, or finding a local community garden or food bank where your energies would be much appreciated, let me know. I’ll do whatever I can.

As for Ignite Boulder — my platitudes are sincere: a thoughtful team of wacky and creative folk who put this event together. They should be applauded for their community-mindedness and their ability to pack a theater. 850 people, 15 presenters (or so) and oh, so much fun. A great experience!


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6 Responses

  1. Proud friend here! Go Kelli! 🙂

  2. Fails or victories it seems you’re way too busy down there. Be careful or Santa Klaus will find you exausted!

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed your speech (you’re a great speaker!), I wish I could grow some veggies for the people in Colorado!

  4. Excellent job! I’m starting a community garden at an apartment building my mother owns in a very low income part of Long Beach. CANNOT wait to get started this spring!

  5. Amazing presentation. You know how to motivate + inspire people.