Ignite: Fruitful Harvest

October 12th

A little more than a week ago, I was given a chance to speak about Fruitful Harvest — a new community program in Phoenix to plant fruit trees on irrigated lots to supplement food banks. The ASU Ignite talk was just five minutes and it took more than a few hours of repeating the same five minutes worth of information to contain my excitement. (Understatement of the week: I’m a talker.)

This Thursday, I’m bringing together anyone interested in helping Fruitful Harvest — those with land, shovels, time, a bit of money or just the desire to see Phoenix be a better place. I sincerely believe using our water for fruit trees to ease hunger makes simple sense. How simple? Easy enough for me to do the math:

1 hour + $100 to purchase 5 fruit trees + 1 irrigated lot (with no extra water used!) = 1,000 pounds of fruit per tree in 3 years.

1 hour. Tell me you can’t give 1 hour of your time to make our home better?*

The meeting will have representatives from the Phoenix Permaculture Guild, local food banks and local faith communities on irrigated lots interested in participating. If you attend, I promise to find you an appropriate place to pitch in to be a part of this great work.

When: 7 pm, Thursday, October 14

Where: Asbury United Methodist Church — 1601 W. Indian School Rd, Phoenix

RSVP: africankelli at gmail dot com


* I’ve heard from more than one friend lately they are getting a little tired of my “Dear Friends,” emails. This is apparently my favorite salutation before a community call to action. To this I say, do you know who I am? Big mouth, bigger heart. Now, stop your complaining and grab the shovel. We’ve got some trees to plant.

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17 Responses

  1. Karel aka SWS aka Moms October 12, 2010

    Your speech was terrific! So poignant, smart and clever. You will get help, I just know it. And good ideas too!

  2. Dear Friend,

    I can’t make the meeting (lightning tends to strike when i get near a church) but I will be there with a shovel whenever you need me.


  3. You are a rock star!

  4. Impressive speech. Impressive idea! Wow.

  5. Terrific idea Kelli! We are slowly but surely doing the same thing in our own backyard. Grass has been replaced with vegetable gardens. A row of declining roses was replaced with blueberries. Large philodendrons were dug up and those areas are now home to fruiting trees. I hope you are wildly successful with this project.

  6. Bravo, my friend!

  7. Great video! I look forward to seeing you tomorrow evening. 🙂

  8. Ditto – Bravo!!!! Great speech; more importantly great message. Are you growing this grassroots effort? Tell me more.

  9. You’re amazing.

  10. Kelli:

    As always, you inspire just by being you! This was such an awesome, inspirational, motivational speech! I think the concept is wonderful and as a mother, I cannot put into words the feelings I feel when I hear of children going hungry. You are a special person Kelli Donley and I am proud to know you even though we havent met in person…yet! By the way, your book is awesome-I am almost done with it! You are someone I can tell my daughter to look to as a role model. In this world of Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and Lindsey Lohan……we could use a lot more Kelli Donleys! 🙂

  11. This is so cool, Kelli, your mind is always working.

  12. Veronica October 16, 2010

    You are so poised, so genuine! That was a wonderful speech; I hope there are many more fruited plots by this time next year.

  13. ElViajero October 16, 2010

    You are AMAZING! Great idea and great job bringing it to life. I look forward to helping on this project.

  14. Read about what Dreyers Ice Cream is doing to help plant fruit trees … can this org benefit you in any way? http://www.communitiestakeroot.com/?Brand=1

  15. Grate idea! Thanks for sharing it!