I’m No Ruler Magician Either

March 5th

Dear Fin,
Man, what were we thinking when we decided to organize this monthly In Stitches sewing project? I suppose I was thinking no month should have just 28 days, that’s what. I make procrastination look good, and in February’s 30th day (or March 2), I managed to finish the easy part — the eye mask.

CAOK for Judy

This is for my friend Judy, who similar to Rex, is also kicking cancer’s ass. She is finishing up with chemo this week and we are all rooting for quick recovery. I’m telling you, if anyone could ever make chemo look glamorous, it’s Judy. She wears beautiful silk pajamas and head scarves in the hospital. Has her room decorated with origami cranes. Reads with leisure and sips coffee while counting down the seconds until she gets to go home. To make the process a bit more bearable, I made her the eye mask. She also wanted a velcro pouch for her cell phone and keys. Viola.

velcro key and cell phone pouch

You’ll notice I took the same kindergarten-macaroni approach you did and threw on some buttons to meet my embellishment theme for the month. I actually love these little purple buttons and I think they add the appropriate amount of flare. The quilting was a bit tricky, but once I decided I didn’t care if the lines were exactly 1 inch apart, it came together nicely.

What didn’t come together at all was the bedside organizer. First off, how is it that I didn’t realize this pattern intended to make an organizer on both sides of the bed? HELLO! I do not need my sewing reminding me of the fact that no one has slept on the other side of the bed in quite some time. My grandparents? Yes. My boss? Yes. The men at the bagel shop who ask if I am ever getting married? Yes. My sewing projects — NO. So, I am in the process of cutting this project in two. I figure I’ll keep half and send half to my grandmother in Pennsylvania who also loves being single.

Where I got lost on the bedside organizer

Now, back to the project. See here in step 6 where it says line up the raw edges of the sides and bottom of the random pockets? I swear I cut these out to the right sizes, but obviously the sides don’t match up. Can anyone help me with this?

random pockets don't line up

I’ll post the March project today! Thank you for your patience and the fact that I am late, late, late with these lame results.


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21 Responses

  1. the eye mask is fabulous! very kind of you to make for judy!!! let’s hear it for kicking cancer’s ass! have a great wk girl

  2. The mask is wonderful and the little flowers detail is ever so cute. The mask and the pouch are lovely, lovely gifts for your friend.

    About the organizer: my neighbor borrowed my book last night to pick out things she wants me to make for her (so far, she wants the bedside organizer and the hanging toiletry bag). I need to get the book back so I can see if I can figure out how to help you. I’ll go over there later when she gets home.

  3. The eye mask is so cute, and what a great CAOK project as well. That bedside organizer was the first thing I wanted to make when I got the book. Alas, budget has kept me from making any of the lovely things… but I can’t wait to see how yours turns out. You are doing such a great job with them. πŸ™‚

  4. not the least little bit lame, either!

    Love the eyemask – the pink and green are so peppy, and the lil buttons add just the right amount of flair!

  5. I totally agree, a book of sewing projects should not have permission to remind us about the empty side of our beds! I have a feeling we can handle that for ourselves… or with the help of our kind family and friends πŸ™‚

  6. Love the eye mask. I’ll have to join in on the In stitches for march. I got the book for christmas, and have yet to make anything from it. well, that’s not entirely true, I started making that patchwork handbag, but all that quilting was taking too long!
    Good luck with the bedside organizer.

  7. Beautiful eye mask and such a cute pouch too! I laughed about the organiser being made for two :0

  8. Um, finagle the pieces OR rip out the basting and sew another piece at the bottom of the short one. If it will show, maybe put a contrasting piece of fabric on the bottom. If it won’t just run a zigzag stitch so it won’t fray and move on.

    Like the mask….Jsut a thought for future ones, use a piece of elastic instead of the ties. Why?? I don’t think I could sleep with the knot of the bow on the back of my head. You could always cover it with fabric if you don’t like the look of the elastic alone by making a casing.

    Ok…off my sewing soapbox. πŸ˜‰

  9. Hmm, I didn’t realize that was a double-sided organizer either! I didn’t make it but I did read the pattern over.
    I’d think an eye mask would be a great thing for anybody in the hospital – esp. such a cute one!

  10. Ok, super cute eyemask – and for a very worthy recipient. I’m sure she’ll appreciate the beautiful gesture. And your post gave me a good gift idea: make a matching travel bag for the eyemask and give to a frequent traveler. Cute! Plus, I love the buttons on the sides. looks like they’re holding on the ribbon.

    I agree with Sarah HB though, elastic is more useful than ribbons, so I might find a way to retrofit the get up.

    And, yeah, I’m with you, didn’t realize the organizer was double sided. Since I’m not the Remote Control Manager, we only need one bedside organizer so I will (when I get around to making this one) make it one sided for Bubba so he can wield remote power from his side of the bed. I’ll just snooze along.

  11. Your eyemask looks great! The buttons on the side are cute and the green ribbon looks like stems for the flower buttons!

    As for the bedside organizer, it looks like you hemmed the wrong side. You should turn over and hem the long sides so you make horizontal pockets. The you match up and machine baste the raw edges (should be 2 short edges and one long). Your pockets should end up looking like the credit card holders in wallets (if you only have 2 credit cards…), but supersized. Hope this helps!

  12. What lovely presents you made for your friend!
    And good luck with the organizer πŸ˜‰

  13. the eye mask looks great! i really like the sweet little buttons too πŸ™‚ and the matching pouch… cute!
    p.s. having not made the organizer yet (ahem), not sure about your length issue, but it looks like lynn is on the right track…

  14. Hi Kelli, I agree with Lynn, you may have hemmed the wrong side. Since beginning on this “In Stitches” journey I have learned a few things. First, like Amy suggests I label EVERY piece. I used a little piece masking tape then I wrote the dimensions & the name of the piece, (11×7 misc. pocket). Then I read the directions like I am reading a book. Then I read the directions and try to understand them. Then I read the directions for the heck of it. Now I get out my highlighter and pen. I highlight which picture goes with which step. This reminds me to look at Amy’s picture, the reminder helped. Of course I read each step as I am doing it, sometimes 2 or 3 times and out loud if necessary. This is too long so I am stopping, I am sure you’ll work it out from here or send an email if you need to.

  15. Excellent projects, and nicely written, too.

    Sorry about the empty-bed problem. If you’d told me (and it was a while ago), I could have loaned you my daughter, who was known for taking over every square inch of free space, including some that you were actually in the process of using. (I once woke to find her lengthwise across the bed,one leg on my stomach, one on my throat). Perhaps thats a bit too drastic a solution?

  16. What a wonderful gift for your friend!

  17. you probably haven’t done anything wrong – as much as I love the projects in this book, EVERY ONE I’ve done has had at least one measurement wrong.

  18. you are such a good friend kelli.
    great eye mask.

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