I’m Not Old. I’m Vintage, Baby


Used this handy little tutorial last night, during a much needed crafty meeting of the minds with Kara, to create a bit of accessory love. I’m thinking of making a string of these on a long ribbon belt to be worn with spring dresses, as shown in the link.


But for now, it can rock the cardigan. It makes me feel a bit like a superhero.

Need a little color? POW! BAM! WOW!

For those on Twitter, I’ve been posting “dress of the day” for the last couple of weeks and it it is funny how much of a response it’s garnered. Everyone (men, church folk, family, friends, and this being twitter, lots of strangers) have let me hear their fashionista views. I have a new-found love of fashion as art, and a well-constructed and worn garment seems rare. Perhaps it is working in a university environment where I see the worst of fashion humanity waddle past my window. The ass crack! The knee-high Uggs! The skinny jeans on boys (most of whom have been misled and are, in fact, not skinny) and giant crocheted beanies on girls who all look like “The Hills” rejects. And my guess is 95% of those observed need to increase their pant size.

Damn kids these days!

It isn’t pretty. There are far too many whip cream Starbucks calorie traps being enjoyed on this campus for this much flesh to be in view.

And yes, I walk to school both ways up hill in the snow. But I do so in a great dress and on days with good balance, a pair of heels too.*


*And sometimes pants that are too small. Or too short — the curse of the tall girl. What? I’m in the 95%.

12 Replies to “I’m Not Old. I’m Vintage, Baby”

  1. Oh, the curse of poor fashion choices (and the freshman 15) on a college campus. I bet you really do see it all! Keep the Dresses of the Day coming – it’s always fun to see your next pick. =)

  2. Yayyyy the pin!! Looks super cute 🙂 I gotta admit though, I was/am sometimes one of those ASU girls with the bad fashion and whipped-cream Starbucks. We college students can’t help ourselves at times :/

  3. I watch those same girls somewhat longingly these days as a grad student. Almost ten years and too many lattes later, I certainly can’t pull it off anymore! I miss wearing sweats to classes, which somehow just doesn’t seem right to me now.

  4. I love that! pow! I have my house for sale, thus all sewing stuff in boxes. Have been dying for a little quick project as a creative outlet. Cant wait for skinny jeans to go away! Love the pretty dresses!!!

  5. Ha! Perfectly captured the college campus. I see it all, and too much of it all, too. My fave is flipflops in 40 degree weather. Sun does not equal warm when it’s January!! Damn kids.

  6. I am following links to Angie’s award nominees this morning and stopped by for a visit! Thank you for the link to the flower post! I too have a cardi that need a splash of excitement! I am so making some of these! Your flower is just beautiful! I love your choice of fabric. And it looks so cheerful on your sweater!

  7. I have spent the last 3 weeks working with 4 “boys” who where born almost 2 decades after me. Talk about feeling vintage!

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