February 2nd

New cookbook

This week’s soup was inspired by a new cookbook and a new kitchen tool — an immersion blender. Why I haven’t spent the $20 on one of these before is a mystery. It makes cooking soup about a thousand times easier and less messy.

january 31 008

Best $20 you could spend, trust me. Before, I was ladling soup into a blender, pureeing and then pouring it back in the pot.

And then spending the next 30 minutes cleaning soup off the floor, stove, etc.

This week's Soup

Not this week. Instead, I roasted the usual suspects,

This week's Soup

This week's Soup

This week's Soup

And threw in some white beans, canned tomatoes and spice.

This week's Soup

Two seconds of blending in the pot later…

This week's Soup

And I have 8 super healthy meals ready to go. Voila!


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19 Responses

  1. You rock the kitchen!

  2. Looks so yummy! I need one of those blenders : )

  3. Awesome Kelli, soup looks great too!

  4. Kelli, I LOVE my immersion blender. It is the one kitchen gadget that I could not get by without. We eat a lot of pureed soups all year round (perfect way to sneak a few extra veggies in to my girls:) and the hassle of pouring the soup to and from a blender would make it too much more work.

  5. Hmmm, thanks for the tip. I still think you do the best food photos in town, especially like #4 and 5.

  6. I’ve had a couple immersion accidents. Let’s just say sometimes mine tends to pop out of the container and splatter me. Not the most coordinated cook.

  7. Yeah… sometimes the immersion blender can get messy. Just remember to keep it IMMERSED.

  8. OOOooo, these things are the best. We call them robots down here. I make my refried beans with it. By the way, I made the spicy salad dressing with it also(though I haven’t posted the photos). Done in half a minute with minimum cleaning up. You’re going to have so much fun with it!

  9. Dude, that blender thingy is AWESOME. My mom’s theme for Christmas gifts this year was “GIFTS YOU NEVER KNEW YOU WANTED!” (exclaimed exactly that way, all in caps, with glee) and I received one of these babies.

    Best xmas gift ever.

  10. I just got my first immersion blender this year too! No more cleaning mushy soup out of the blender, yay! Your soup looks delicious!

  11. Sometimes, life can be so easy, uhu?

  12. That certainly is one of my favorite kitchen tools, EVER!!

  13. Looks tasty and I think I just might need that cookbook. I just started my master gardner class yesterday and look forward to rockin’ some heirloom beans. 🙂

  14. Right? I love my immersion blender. Even better that it was a much loved hand me down from mom and, therefore, free and broken in.


  15. Oh, this is one kitchen tool/gadget I do not own, yet. Soup looks great, will you share the recipe?

  16. Oh I love mine too!! Just received it last month for my birthday but I’ve been coveting one since I used a friend’s last year for a salad dressing. The thing chopped onions and AMAZED me! Enjoy! 🙂

  17. goldenstar February 4, 2010

    The power of blog writing and reading. I actually went out and bought one of these this afternoon and am making 2 soups, improv style. Shall see if I can get as stoked as you.

    Am making it for friends who are @ the hospital dealing with their ailing parent while I care for their pets. Keep fingers crossed.

  18. Congratulations on your new kitchen gadget! I’ve owned a blender-on-a-stick since 1994 (first a Braun that lasted about eight years, now a Cuisinart), and it is hands-down one of the most useful tools in my culinary arsenal.