Impressive. And Ouch.

January 28th

making his italian heritage proud

My neighbor John was coaxed into cooking dinner this weekend by my roommate. I invited another friend along, as did he. The five of us sat down last night to an Italian feast John had spent all day cooking.
{Sweet man. He started before 8 am and was still working furiously when we arrived at 6 pm.}

John's polenta

You know your friends are trying to impress you when they make polenta, ziti in vodka sauce, chocolate-dipped pistachio cranberry biscotti and bring three bottles of Shiraz. There were only five of us.
(Yes, my pants are a little tight and my head hurts this morning. You must have ESPN.)

biscotti, red wine and polenta

For the record, I brought cake. It was yummy. A cup of sour cream added to any chocolate cake mix produces the most divine results. I throw in a dash of cardamom and then sprinkle cinnamon on top when it comes out of the oven.

Caramom on the inside, cinnamon on the outside.

We ate like Italian kings, making John’s heritage proud. Thank God Alma doesn’t make biscotti regularly. I would be 400 pounds.


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13 Responses

  1. How can you refuse a cute man holding a plate of polenta 😉

  2. The polenta and cake look yummy! Oh my! I could so reach into the photo and take a bite.

  3. What a delicious meal all around! Your community dinner odyssey is so much fun and I love all the various recipes and ideas you’re sharing.

  4. Mmmmm…..homemade biscotti!!

  5. Yes, your neighbor is pretty cute (ahem!)…

    Lord, I cannot wait to start eating again! (I have been on a cleanse). And I cannot wait to have myself a nice glass of Shiraz!

  6. oh ouch. that’s the good kind of pain. usuall followed by a bit longer run the next day!

  7. Looks so delish!

  8. Oh. Yum. I’m a huge polenta fan (who isn’t?) and your cake looks perfect…cinnamon makes chocolate taste so exotic! And your cooking friend isn’t bad either. 😉

  9. cute AND he cooks? oh my, if I wasn’t already attached I would be requesting you pop him in a Fedex box and send him to me!

  10. Delicious.

    The food looks good, too.

  11. I could live on polenta for months. You can have it in so many ways, you never get tired o it.
    Nice man cooking? And a neighbor too? Go and get him!

  12. Cardamom is the miracle spice! I love it so.

  13. Just here to join the chorus of “How cute is John!”

    And he can cook!