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March 5th

Remember those 2009 resolutions I set two months ago? In an accountability measure, I’m checking in to see how things are progressing.

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  • The novel published.   Nope. Haven’t done a darn thing. Not sure what my road block is with this. I want it more than anything and yet the rejection stings with a wicked vengeance.
  • A new sew-along with Finny.   Check!
  • More than a dozen meals cooked from those new cookbooks. Check!
  • 60 books read.   Not so much. I’ve read 10 or so this year, most of which I haven’t finished. I get 100 pages in and if I’m not loving it, I move along.
  • 1500 miles on the bike. Chris rides 500 a month. My friend JT rode 2400 last year. I can do this! Ha! Haven’t been on my bike in two months. Must pump up tires pronto!
  • Less TV watching. (This is actually a pretty easy one since my TVs soon won’t work.) Yes! Haven’t watched TV in weeks, actually.
  • More time being social. Indeed.
  • Giving Ultimate another shot. Yes. On a team, having a great time so far.
  • Giving dating another shot. Yep. Doing this too.
  • Taking yoga and pilates regularly. No. There is a new studio near my house but the extra $30 a month isn’t happening at the moment.
  • Resisting buying new and instead rocking what I already have. Yes. I am trying. Although this dress is calling my name.
  • Learning to sew a dress. This is my dream dress to sew. Thankfully Colleen found me a great pattern to work from. I may just try this.
  • Learning to hand quilt. Not yet, but I have a planned project for this and it involves a wedding and a quilt.
  • Learning to knit a pair of socks. With Zarah coming to town this weekend, I think I’ll get this checked off sooner than later. My own personal lessons!
  • Scheduling and running a couple more 1/2 marathons. Hmmm… haven’t scheduled anything, but would like to run the YMCA 1/2 in November and the Tucson 1/2 in December.
  • Giving my trainer and his new eating plan a fair shot. Doing it. And it is absolutely incredible. Loving my new-found physical strength and my clothing fitting much nicer.
  • Having my blog redesigned and expanded. To be announced soon!

How are your resolutions progressing?


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15 Responses

  1. I’m tracking my 2009 goals, too. Some have been nicely ticked off the list, others remain to be addressed. It’s only March, we still have plenty of time.

  2. Ack, I’m afraid to re-evaluate. It’s time, especially after last year’s birthday post. 🙂

  3. Awesome Kelli. You’re doing great on your resolutions. Keep up your hard work.

  4. Isn’t it funny? I don’t know you, but because of all your church involvement, sewing, and gardening, I thought, “Wow. She has so much free time…I wonder what her husband does for work…”
    How fun to learn that you are just single and INCREDIBLY PRODUCTIVE! It’s so fun to see all your projects. I love your taste. The REI dress is great (luckily backordered!) and I adore the kate spade dress. So cute. And probably not too bad to make. I made a goldilocks costume in October. 1st clothing item I’d ever sewed, but it turned out so cute!
    Nice job on being on the Ultimate team. It sounds fun. And read the eat pray love website for motivation on getting your novel published.
    Thanks again for a fun blog!

  5. Not so far on the way, I’m sad to admit. But I’m working hard on it. Especially in the home-rearraging-and-cleaning project.

  6. Good for you!
    Kelli, I have a pattern very similar to your dream dress sitting in my to-do pile right now. I almost cut it out last night 🙂 I’m all about sewing dresses this spring.

  7. Great job on your progress. Both those dresses you linked to are awesome! (A new blog design? I will be sad to see this one go, because it rocks. But, I’m sure your new look will be great too!)

  8. Week of 2 of half-marathon training, that was at the top of the list 🙂

    P.S. I still love that bike!

  9. rohanknitter March 6, 2009

    Great job!! I should really do some evaluation – I can’t believe it’s March already!!
    I can see why that dress is so tempting – it would be super cute on you.

  10. “I get 100 pages in and if I’m not loving it, I move along.”

    Totally with you on this one. I follow this practice with knitting, too. There are too many interesting things to do for me to waste time on something that I don’t love!

  11. ooh…share this new eating plan please!!!

  12. WOW, your good. My new years res is already shot. I don’t even remember what they were. LOL JK, Hope all is well, I haven’t been in blogland for awhile so I need to catch up with your blog. This was a good catch-up read!

  13. Kelli awesome job on working hard towrds your 2009 goals! My main goal was to start living a healthier lifestyle one stepo at a time. I am making great headway beefing up exercising and eating healthy. In the process I have lost 12 pounds so far. A definite bonus to living healthier. Keep at kelli. I love hearing about your progress and allthe things you do with your time. As always you are motivating and your blog is always fun and intersting to read.

  14. You could totally sew a dress with all your talent! You’ve inspired me (once again!) to get to the fabric store.

  15. Jeanie March 8, 2009

    Is it 2009 already?? Wow, that came fast.