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June 25th

A walk to the mailbox this week:

New Jersey Living

New Jersey Living

New Jersey Living

New Jersey Living

New Jersey Living

New Jersey Living

Have you heard of the app Leafsnap? It is pretty neat. You take a photo of a leaf of a tree or plant you don’t recognize, and their system will name the plant.  I have been using it, and this little handy guide to learn plants and flowers of New Jersey.

New Jersey Living

Now, if there was an app to get used to the humidity. Those “dry heat” jokes of my Arizona days make a LOT more sense now.


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7 Responses

  1. Charly June 25, 2013

    My hair has been in a “messy, curl” phase since May due to our humidty. I have decided to embrace it. Don’t fight it, it just gets worse and you get sweatier.

  2. I believe that app is called an air conditioner! Thank goodness for modern conveniences is all I can say. Other than the oppressive humidity, how are you doing these days?

  3. I’m sure my jaw hit the floor every time someone in AZ apologized when it would get so HUMID when a cloud would roll in. HAHAHAHA If it is under 90%, it felt good to us!

  4. Love the Indian blanket flowers, I have a bunch of them. I think they are my favorite now. I like when they go to seed even with their big puffy poof balls.

    We are having this weird couple days of humidity. Totally not normal for our area and we are all complaining 😉

  5. Gorgeous! I wish that Leafsnap was available on Android! I am questioning what types of plants and flowers are in my neighborhood all the time! Don’t miss humidity one bit though!

  6. nalani June 27, 2013

    Thanks for highlighting Leafsnap. So darn cool!

  7. Um, genius app idea. Downloading now. I can’t tell you how many times I have needed this for the blog.