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August 29th

Frida Kahlo

What inspires you? Is it a color? A scent? Scene, food, person, artist, material? Depending on my mood, I am often inspired, or in spirit, thanks to a combination of these.
This week, it’s been the weather, for one. Evening storms have been bombing the Valley floor, snapping tree branches, blowing over power lines, lighting the night sky with an electric show Pink Floyd would stop to admire. Olive and I have spent a fair amount of time cruising around Tempe during the heat of the day this week too. Leaving the iPod behind, I’ve enjoyed listening to the birds, feeling the wind on my face and this morning, watching a young school boy vivaciously play his oboe down the sidewalk on his way to school. Once he noticed my admiration, he stepped it up and it took everything I had not to laugh and cheer him along. By the way he cradled his baby, I could tell that instrument meant the world to him. I won’t soon forget this morning’s show.

Ms. Frida is another inspiration. It isn’t her beauty or art but her story that really grabs me. I can’t adequately explain the connection; Dale Chihuly’s glass exhibits give me the same overjoyed feeling. I am jolted when in the presence of their work, pushed to be creative, to find my voice, color and medium.

Frida as a girl

This long weekend, I’m reconnecting with spirit. A few years ago I created a vision board with images of my future. It was on the back of my bedroom door until the edges started to wear. I took a look at it this week and was pleasantly startled by how many of the visions have come to pass. Instead of creating another board, I’m going to transform a notebook into vision journal and spend some time thinking of new dreams, nakazora, sisu.
Have you heard of this Buddhist term nakazora? “The space between sky and earth, the place where birds, etc. fly. Empty air. Mid-air. An internal hollow. Vague. Hollow. Around the center of the sky. Or, emptiness. A state when the feet do not touch the ground. Inattentiveness. The inability to decide between two things. Midway. The center of the sky (the zenith).”

I’ve got 223 pages of Novel #1 to read and spell check, house guests to feed and entertain, a desert to hike and photograph, and two books of the Bible to brush up on before church Sunday. Spending some time between sky and earth. Yes, that sounds lovely too.


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  1. Sounds like a perfect weekend Kelli. Thanks for sharing the Buddist term nakazora. I had not heard of it….beautiful.

  2. You always keep me motivated. As for Frida, it is her strong, unique, personna as well as beautiful art, that draws me to her.

  3. this was something i was really struggling with today. so thanks for writing this post something might actually stick in my brain once it wants to finally get it together.
    i made a vision board in college but had to throw it away when i moved. i don’t think i put much thought into it at all because it didn’t do much for me. i do have a drawer full of stuff i’ve collected maybe i’ll go through that.
    enjoy the house guests

  4. I am right there with you between sky and earth. I spent time with my spirit today as well and I am please to say she is rejuvenated yet again. Now I wait for the creativity to flow. Enjoy your visitors and have a great weekend!

  5. Kel, lovely post! Good for you. Quiet time is so essential esp. for someone like you who has so much going on. Enjoy this weekend. I’m going to get a pen pal letter in the mail for you soon. We move to our new place on Monday… can’t wait. Life back in the States is very good so far.

  6. Excellent post, Kelli! I think a little bit of everything inspires me, sometimes it could even just be a touch of a breeze. The trick is to be open to whatever inside you has been touched with inspiration and then just naturally let it guide you.

    I had not heard the terms nakazora and sisu before, but I followed your links to learn about them. Both concepts are thought-provoking and I like the work of the artist associated with nakazora.

    Dale Chihuly was the featured speaker when I was presented with my master’s degree. That was truly an exciting time.

  7. I love my vision board! 🙂 I had that idea too–creating a journal or diary that works as a changing vision board.

  8. delurking to say, you have to come to SF soon because there are two great exihibits for both Frida and Chihuily going on right now!

  9. What inspires me – the weather, colours, food, sounds, friends… Yesterday it was the cover of a book. I’ve been trying to decide on a paint colour for a “utility” room in our home, and it was right there on the book cover all along. I need to pay more attention.

  10. what a beautiful post.
    ms. frida is a great inspiration to me too… her beautiful images and the woman herself.