In Stitches: May

May 2nd

Altar to the craft, love Gods

My Santa Fe purchases turned into a crafting/love altar. Who doesn’t need some good juju?

Dear Finny,
Howdy partner. Those are some pretty darn stylish chaps you’ve got on there. And by chaps, I mean lounge pants ala Butler. Can you believe how many great pairs of jammies our crafty group managed to whip up in April? I wish we could have a slumber party and take a giant group shot. Hee hee! Just imagine.
{You’d have to tell Bubba that alas, just like Santa Fe, no pillow fights or lingerie involved.}

Anyway, May. What to do? I’m thinking we bust out that cutesy apron. I’m going to add a couple of pockets so I can include it in the May/June Tie One On project because I’m fuel efficient that way.

What’s the theme? And who is our lovely April winner? And if that isn’t enough — what’s June’s project? Just kidding. You don’t have to tell me now, but I’m leaving this sew-along in your hands alone for the next few weeks until I’m home from Mozambique. So, you’ll have to pick the project and theme for June. I’ll bring you back some snazzy tribal fabric in return. Sound good?

Miss you Finny. I so wish we were back in Santa Fe sipping margaritas,

P.S. Did you see Britney performed in San Diego last night? I so wish I lived in your state. I would have paid $125 to see those 16 minutes of booty shaking craziness.

P.P.S. You are getting a Paper-Source in San Jose. The grand opening is June 2: 334 Santana Row. You know how you are in a new gardening shop? I have that same shop with fury spirit at this store. The closest one to me is Beverly Hills. Maybe Britney and I could schedule lunch there next month and I could kill two birds with one stone…

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17 Responses

  1. Great purchases! I am looking forward to the May In Stitches project. I missed the April one, but still have plans to make those lounge pants one of these days – I love all the pants everyone else made!

  2. Megan May 2, 2007

    Holy crap! That photo is filled with all of my best types! TWO Frida stamps? WHAT???

  3. Hurray! I’m excited to do the apron. And, I’m super excited that a Paper-Source is opening near me! And I’ve never made an apron for tie one on before, maybe it’s time to start!

  4. Ahh, well played: kill two -alongs with one stone. Brava! But, I also have to shake my fist at you just a little for the Paper Source referrals. How have I missed this place before?! I don’t do a lot of paper crafting, but I see many must-haves. Time to close that browser and breathe. And now one’s opening in SJ? Yet another reason to visit the Bay Area – oh yeah!

  5. no no no! i love all your stamps and now have serious stamp envy. i though my days of stamp lust were well behind me. but no… thanks for the frida-inspired postcard. i brought it to work so i can see it everyday!

  6. Those stamps are fabulous. And I’m with you on the apron and killing two birds with one stone – not that I’d actually kill a bird. You know what I mean. 🙂

  7. i am finishing up an apron this week! 🙂 i too love paper source (there are two stores in sf). have a great trip, kelli!

  8. April was all about aprons for the Get Your Craft On sew-a-long, so aprons would be grand with me too. But I’m easy! I echo the others – love the Frida stamps!

  9. All your answers and more, right cha

    I’ll miss you!

  10. Funny… I bought stamps when I went to Santa Fe too. Was it an odd little store on a second story?

  11. Those are some fantabulous stamps. If I had those, I’d stamp everything! And guess what?? I have already made the apron, so I’m ahead of the gamme. Now only if I could finish those pants…

  12. May? I’m not done witb April yet. I need to make an apron to go with a baking/kitchen themed present. So this will work well.

  13. Frida stamps!
    Hope your arm doesn’t feel like a pincushion after yesterday!
    An apron project- good choice! I’m still planning to make some pj pants once I can ride in the car long enough to go to the fabric store!

  14. hurrah for aprons!! and those are some fabulous stamps you got in santa fe… love the frida kahlo!
    oh goodness, paper source… i have enough trouble with the catalog 🙂 luckily in boston i had literally 5 minutes and no time to even soak it in, let alone buy anything!

  15. I love the stamps and the milagro! Not to rub it in, but we have TWO Paper Source stores here. Fortunately (or unfortunately) one is about 20 minutes from our house.