In Stitches September: Feeding the Addiction

September In Stitches Assignment

Dear Finny,
The first step of getting over an addiction is to recognize you have a problem, right? {Or, if you are Lindsay Lohan, to hire a great publicity/law team and take a rehab vacay until everything blows over. Pun intended.}
Point being, I have a bag problem. I love them. I am like the Imelda Marcos of handbags — I want a pretty, sweet, different one for each day of the week. Except, you know. I don’t really own that many and I am regularly making and giving away handbags, rather than adding them to my already quite blessed closet.
That said? I want a new fall bag — a lovely bag perhaps made out of that pink and chocolate fabric stash I’ve been hoarding. Something I can wear when I drive up to Flagstaff to get my Halloween pumpkins. You know, because I can’t grow a thing and your garden is an unfortunate 1000 miles away from my doorstep — you amazing fronteirswoman!
While I’m drooling over this beauty at Banana, I like homemade even more. The September assignment for the In Stitches sew-along is officially the patchwork handbag. Here is the twist: not only is this the September assignment, but also the October assignment too.

Let's take two months, shall we

And the theme? Create your own adventure, like those books you loved as a kid. Do you go this direction or that one? Do you want to take your time with one bag over two months? Or, create multiple bags during this time? Either way, throw your photos into the pool, let us know where you blog and you could win a fabulous prize. I’m thinking a pretty wristlet full of goodies every woman should have in her purse du jour.
What do you think Fin? I mean, I hear you might like handbags too?

P.S. Did you see one of our favorite domestic divas is finally blogging! Welcome Junie!