In Stitches Sept/Oct: Complete

quilted end, pull tab

Mi querida Finny,
I am so glad we took two months to complete the September-October project for our In Stitches sew-along. Let’s be honest — this bag wasn’t easy. Thankfully so, because its complexity made me slow down, read the instructions more than once and learn new techniques.
I have never before followed Amy’s instructions with such precision. I bought masking tape, used a seam guide to make sure my 1/4 inch here and 1/2 inch there were in the right place and I even pressed the darn seams. I learned to quilt batting and how to make those cute little pull tabs for the zipper.
As I mentioned, I’d saved these fabrics for a handbag just for me. Rarely do I keep what I make because just like most other joys in my life, it isn’t so much about the end result as it is the journey. I truly loved sewing this bag. I found myself sneaking in 10 minutes here and 20 minutes there to work on it.

pink and brown inside too

That said, imagine my surprise when I decided to give it away. I am sending it off to a girlfriend today because I know she’d like it and use it. I won’t. I’m not sure why — I even like the odd shape. But I simply know it would be added to a growing stack of cloth handbags in my closet and what a waste that would be.

Sept-October project complete

So, it’s been wrapped up and shipped off to a girlfriend who I know also enjoys all things pink and has a penchant for purses.

On to other more pressing topics, while I have your ear. How is the shin meat? Are you ready for your big race this weekend? I hope you are sitting on your couch eating a bowl of mashed potatoes for breakfast and giving your hammies a much needed rest.
Fin, like I am certain the sky is blue and chocolate is worthy of the calories, I know you are going to rock this race. I only wish I was there to cheer for you in person. Good luck, my friend!


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  1. It looks fabulous, Kelli! I’m sure your friend will be so tickled to receive this amazing work. And what a generous heart you have to give this beautiful bag you made away.

  2. Wow. You’re really giving it away? That must be a special gal since I know how ga-ga you were for those fabrics. It’s really cute – and congrats for finishing it. I’m jealous. I have tomorrow slated to work on it and, truthfully, I’m dreading it *this* much.

    Meanwhile, I’m heeding your suggestions and eating my carbs while resting. I should be just rotund enough to exceed the spandex stretchiness limit on Sunday πŸ˜‰

  3. I’m so jealous, i wish i could sew. All of the projects have been so fabulous, but this bag takes the blue ribbon.

  4. I’m the lucky friend and I couldn’t have been more excited to get my mail today! Kelli, I LOVE it! I will use it Monday for work, everyone will be very jealous of my new bag! Thank you Thank you Thank you!

  5. Kelli, It’s just the cutest! You did a really good job. I’m sure your friend will be thrilled when she see’s the sweet present you have sent her.And speaking of packages. I have something that I have been meaning to send out for some time now and I’m almost completely embarrassed that it hasn’t been shipped yet. I lost your address, so if you could please email me your mailing address. I will ship it on it’s merry little way.

  6. Everything I’ve read about that pattern has been the same, “It’s so difficult”. I’m feeling so challenged now that I’ve got to try it. I totally wouldn’t use this bag, but I really want to make it. I’m always so busy and never get to play along with the challenge. I admit it, I’m too flakey too. sigh. Maybe some day.

  7. My boyfriend was on your site last night and he’s all, “Hey, why didn’t you leave a comment about how cute that bag is?”

    And I’m all, “Because EVERYBODY’s telling her how cute that bag is. It wouldn’t mean anything. And besides it will make her feel like her previous bags weren’t as cute.”

    And he’s all, “Well, maybe I’LL leave a comment.”



    And then now it looks like he didn’t even leave a comment, so I will. Kelli, my boyfriend thinks that bag is really cute.

    I just think it’s par for the course.

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