In the Spirit


There is knitting…


And canning…

Christmas mantle

And decorating happening at our house.


And of course it wouldn’t be Christmas without a dash of Africa. Love this nativity from Mozambique.

nativity 2

What I’m not showing you is the sad state of our stockings. Each year we pull out the decorations and I think, “HOW have I not done something about these pitiful things?” They are a mix up of Goodwill finds and personalized stockings, with letters that have fallen off resulting in nonsense. Next year I’m going to either quilt or knit something pretty for the holiday.

What decorations do you love?


One Reply to “In the Spirit”

  1. I love our Christmas tree. I grew up with fake trees, and since meeting my husband I’ve happily switched to his family’s tradition of having real trees. We go to a nearby tree farm and cut our own. We spend about 45 minutes wandering around (“How about this tree? Oh wait…[dashes to another spot]…how about THIS one?”), debating the aesthetics of each one, and using my husband as a measuring stick to make sure we choose a tree that will fit in our house. Each year it’s the same: as some point, each person lands upon a “favorite” that the others don’t like, but in the end we all happily agree on the final choice!

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