September 2nd

This week’s goals:

~Frog current knitting project
~Try new recipe
~Make plans to see the Weston show this weekend
~Make plans to see Chihuly public display in Glendale
~Swim 6000M
~Cycle 50 miles
~Run 15 miles
~Work on vision journal
~Start new book, blog about recent reads
~Get friends to burn me new music. Specifically I want some of the Stars. Have you heard them? Love.
~Harvest prickly pear for next jars of renewal project
~Research Mexico bikinis; 6 weeks and I’m on vacation with the Ya Yas. Option A. B. C., and I just bought D.

Man, we are going to have so much fun.

~And, finally, I need to speak up about this nonsense. Since when is “Women having too much on their plate to be also good in business” and new twist? Give me a break. I’m not a (grandma) Palin supporter, but no one is questioning her husband and if he is able to keep up with his career with their five kids. Stop trying to keep women tethered by an apron; we can kick ass in the oval office and bake a mean lasagna. Don’t be frightened by our mad multi-tasking abilities, you fools. And save your newsprint for something worthwhile, like how these candidates are going to change global warming, do something about starvation in Africa, help slow the HIV epidemic, improve education in the US, etc. I do not care that a 17 year old in Alaska didn’t use a condom. How can this possibly be a topic of conversation when discussing the leadership of this country? Are you kidding me?
(If you really want to pick on Palin, let’s start with the fact she’s still got PTA president on her resume and is a gun-toting nut. I’m fine with that criticism. But her kid is not fair game.)

Geez. Bikinis and a NRA tirade. Never know what you’re gonna get around here. Huh?

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24 Responses

  1. ILoved the pictures and text for your trip to lern about prickly pears. I have a good prickly pear jelly recipe if you need one!

  2. Going to see Stars in NYC with my bro in 2 weeks!!!

  3. I have some Prickly Pear candy my mom brought me. YUMMO!

    And MY choice for bikini #2 is A hands down. I think the colors will look amazing with your skin tone and hair. *Oh, wait! That’s “What Not to Wear” calling me for a new job!*

  4. I love D and B, but then again I always buy bikinis at Target and halters are my fave! 😉
    Your goal list puts mine to shame – and on a short week!
    Oh and while I don’t care for Palin either, I was incensed last night to hear a reporter say that her pregnant daughter’s scandal “could lose the White House” for them. Do they think that girl really needs that pressure on her head? Her “mistake” (not unlike one that many other teens have made and not been “caught”) is becoming a media soap opera and I hate soaps. As you so eloquently said, let’s focus on the ISSUES.

  5. Well, speaking from someone who’s 17 year old did have a baby this year, I don’t know how she could even think of running.

    The last year for me, as you know, was the most stressful of my (and Stephanie’s) life. I can’t imagine going through all that while running for VP or being in any office. Add to that a special needs child? I’d think her family needs her more now than ever (and yes, their father as well).

    Frankly, I’d say the same if either her or her husband were running. I think her running for VP is nuts.

  6. I vote for A or B, I’m slightly leaning towards A, but I think B is really styling too. 😉

  7. Have you heard “Your Ex-Lover is Dead” by the Stars? oh my, so good.

  8. I am leaning toward D, but like B too. I am a halter girl. With all your goals and intuitive eating, you are going to look smokin on vacation!!! So proud… And envious 🙂 Thinking about my goals for the week. Going to post tomorrow.

  9. Wow, you give me so many things to respond to I don’t know where to begin. Head…spinning…

    I hadn’t heard about the 17-year-old, but please. How do any of us know what will be “too much” for someone else? We can only judge ourselves. As long as Palin thinks she can handle it all, great – go for it. Let’s move on, and as you say, discuss the issues. Like poverty, hunger, and health care.

  10. I have lots of problems with Ms. Palin politically.

    And, I guess I feel bad for her kids too. I know it’s not fair, and I agree about the multi-tasking that women can manage. But, her family is in a tough spot. I think she could have kept them out of the national spotlight, stayed Gov. (which is a huge accomplishment and a big task) and gained 4 more years experience. In four years when her young son has grown through some major developmental years, and her daughter has settled into motherhood away from the media, she could run for president.

    I know this isn’t fair. I would feel the same way if it was a man running. Children are only young for a brief time and my experience in the classroom shows me daily how much they need their parents attention.

  11. Great post Kel. Sounds like you have a busy week! And, although I sometimes disagree (and sometimes agree) with your politics, I think the media had a bit too much fun with both Ms. Clinton and Ms. Palin. I was going to post something similar.

  12. P.S. Love D! What color did you get? Polka dots are so in right now. I think I like C too.

  13. I think she’s smart but a lightweight. Picking her appears to be to make himself more attractive to Hillary supporters. Fair enough, were it not for the line-of-succession thing. Tue idea of her in the oval scares me even more than him being there, which, considering he’d be Bush III, is saying something.

    Not thats I’m tense about it or anything.

  14. Are all people who tote guns nuts?

  15. Wow – are you ambitious! Mexico bikinis look like fun . . .

  16. I wanted to buy Bikini D a few weeks ago and it was on back order! I love it though, looks flattering.

  17. II think it’s deplorable that Palin would accept the nomination when her kid is pregnant. Now the whole country is dissecting the girl, this unborn child, the baby daughter and the rest of their family.
    Mama should have had the sense to keep Bristol out of the spotlight.
    Family first and then your job!

  18. Quite a list you have there, Kelli. I’m finishing my one-yard tutorial postings this week as well as the scarf I’m knitting for the World War II Museum to give to veterans (young and old).

    As for Palin, my belief is that male or female, purple or pink with yellow polka dots, short or tall–the issues are what should have focus in terms of what’s best for our country’s future. I appreciate that folks have different view points (that’s why this is the U.S.A. and that’s the core of our entire system). It’s always good to know what others think, but I’ll make my own decision about whom I’ll vote for when the time comes. A major thing that turns me off about politics is the game playing and the constant denigration of other people’s beliefs or personal lives. I want to know their intentions in terms of my country; that’s what is important to me.

  19. Hot damn!

    You’ve got it going on. Seriously.

  20. I’m much more concerned about Palin’s belief that global warming isn’t man-made that the sexual activities of her daughter… but there should be some interesting dialogue in the coming months.

  21. Canada might be hitting the election trail soon however it gets so little coverage in our local papers compared to the US coverage. I know more information about McCain, Palin, Obama and Biden than I do about the potential electoral candidates here!

    I just bought a new swim suit from Athleta last week – thanks for the link.

  22. As always, Kel, you amaze and inspire me.
    My friend, Becca, is working at the Phoenix Museum of Art as an intern, so keep you eyes peeled for her this weekend. Maybe you two can finally meet.
    And as for the Veep pick, my only reason to bring up her pregnant daughter is due to the fact that she is a supporter of abstinance only education. Doesn’t seem like that worked out too well. I feel sorry for the poor boyfriend….
    And my vote – Tina Fey to play her on SNL. Bring on the REAL political commentary!

  23. Hi Kelli, Saw a Chihuly exhibit last summer and LOVED it. Art is one of my things that makes life come alive. Hope you get to see it.

  24. a big heck yea to your comments about the double standard. you know i have got NO love for ms. palin but i hate the way that criticism of her just delves into the ridiculously, overtly sexist.
    i’m not sure i agree that the daughter thing is not fair game, though. she supports abstinence-only education, and the main critique of abstinence-only is that it doesn’t work. the fact that it didn’t work in her own house seems to be fair game to me.