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August 13th

Dear Finny,
Remember our August-September challenge for the Finny and Donk Sewing Adventure? Well, true to my word I made a couple of those totes this week and they are headed off today as gifts.
First up:

Finny and Donk Sew Along: August -September, tri-pocket tote
Finny and Donk Sew Along: August -September, tri-pocket tote
Finny and Donk Sew Along: August -September, tri-pocket tote
Finny and Donk Sew Along: August -September, tri-pocket tote
Finny and Donk Sew Along: August -September, tri-pocket tote
Finny and Donk Sew Along: August -September, tri-pocket tote

A colleague is leaving for a Fulbright Scholarship in Egypt. While her attire is changing dramatically to study and do research in this country, there is no need not to have a colorful tote. I used a sepia stamp pad and some African-themed stamps to add a bit of hieroglyphic love to this baby because I am just that nutty. Plus, how often do you get to use the word, “hieroglyphic?” I swear Ross Geller and I were meant for each other.

Finny and Donk Sew Along: August -September, tri-pocket tote

Segundo, una bolsa para mi companera quien va estudiar en Espana. Yep, this mochila is off to Spain with another colleague who will study Espanol en Sevilla. Oh, Spain, home of sangria, flamenco, espadrilles and Javier Bardem. What doesn’t that country have to offer?

Finny and Donk Sew Along: August -September, tri-pocket tote
Finny and Donk Sew Along: August -September, tri-pocket tote

This pattern is super easy and is fulfilling. I needed something simple this week and was thrilled to be able to use up more of my existing fabric stash. Take that JoAnn! So, even with your gardening, traveling and canning maddness, you should be able to whip one of these sweet bags up in no time. Speaking of time, do you know anyone having a milestone birthday in a couple weeks? I do. And her name is Finny. Oh, the celebration is about to begin!


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17 Responses

  1. Great bags, Kelli!! I love the Egyptian one. And props for using the word “hieroglyphic.” 🙂

  2. LOVE those bags Kelli! You totally ROCK as a friend, so giving all of the time.

  3. Very cute, love the yellow one.

  4. Oh wow! Those came out really cute!! I have some scrap fabric I’m hoping to use on one of these and I’m thinking it would make a great garden tote for me mum. We’ll see.

    But also thank you for pointing out my milestone birthday. My self-consciousness should be kicking in very soon.

    Until them I’m telling everyone who’ll listen that I’m 20 – still 29 – 29 until the 29th, etc etc etc.


  5. Oh my gosh! I love love love those bags!!!! And, you probably made them in one night, right?! They look great, and you didn’t even have to go out and buy those colorful fabrics? You already had them? Awesome!

  6. just love them, you are very talented……..


  7. Great totes. Just LOVE all those pockets!

  8. Cute cute cute! I studied in Spain when I was in undergrad, and that lemon tote is PERFECT! I am very jealous of your friend right now!

  9. Cute! Great ideas for people getting ready to do some studying!

  10. these look beautiful kelli! for some reason i had a hard time imagining that pattern in different fabrics… thank you for the inspiration!

  11. Love both those fabrics. But the lemon one jumped out. Great choices.

  12. Those totes are too cute! I can’t wait to make one. Did you make your own fabric labels too?

  13. I love the bags! Especially the lemons. After seeing your bags I realized these would be a great way to use up some of the 100 fat quarters I won at a quilt show recently!

  14. Great bags Kelli! They are both unique but I am really dranw to the yellow lemon one. Your friends will be delighted with them! You are always so clever with your projects and so thoughtful to give them away.

  15. Great bags but I thought the challenge was ‘Dealer’s Choice’ from the Kids section of the book. If not then cool beans – If I’m right then I’m definitey skipping this one.

  16. I love the stamping you did!

  17. Wonderful bags, Kelli! I have picked out my Aug/Sept project, but will actually have to buy the fabric for it as it’s not the sort of thing I keep in stock. The recipient of this effort is someone who needs something lovely and special to remind her that she is the same qualities.