It’s Coming Up Tulips

April 25th

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  1. Gorgeous photos, Kelli!

  2. so pretty.

  3. Gorgeous tulips…welcome Spring!!!

  4. Ahh, I love tulips. Thanks for sharing all the pretty.

  5. Beautiful!! Did you get my package yet?

  6. Those pictures are amazing, just like you.

  7. Nothing’s more beautiful than flowers!

  8. Ops….I forgot….what’s that “M” as your middle name?

  9. Beautiful pictures of your tulip´s!

  10. Loooove tulips. And there are none here yet, so thanks!

  11. Gorgeous! Sounds like a wonderful trip. 🙂

  12. pretty. sigh. i think that the freeze we had affected all the spring blooms that we had.

  13. Lovely photos, did you mean tho to link to the yarnstorm store and not Jane’s blog, just thought I would let you know in case you didn’t.

  14. such beautiful images. thank you for this… i needed that dose of beauty this morning!

  15. Oh so beautiful! What great pictures.

    The jacaranda trees are blooming here in Tampa…they are so gorgeous. I need to get a picture and post it on my blog.

  16. What wonderful shots.

  17. Gorgeous photos!
    We have just three tulips in the garden, but luckily lots of other bulbs :))

  18. so beautiful!

  19. Kelli those pictures are just gorgeous! My tulips are just coming up now and I can’t wait from them to open.

  20. No tulips up here yet, but one daffodil opened this morning…sigh, soon though spring will be really here…ciao

  21. Kelli, i gave you a blog thinking award in my blog;)

  22. ALL of our tulips were frozen solid in a freak freeze around easter. thanks for the pictures. just doesn’t seem right to have spring without tulips!