It’s On

July 15th

I have gin and tonic sitting on my guest bed, which can only mean one thing: Finny’s coming for a visit. It is once again time for the Finny/Donk annual weekend of hijinks and cocktails. (Year 5!)

And if history has anything to say about it:


on the gorge

Santa Fe

SDonk and Fin take on Portland


Girls at Old Faithful


The Fin and the Donk

Sun Valley

Dorks, hiking

Jessica and Shell ham it up

Andy + Jess

The Finny

These fit

It’s going to be a weekend to remember.



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Arizona, Colorado
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7 Responses

  1. I wish you a great time, but I’m sure it will be! Kisses

  2. So I got a new follower on twitter this morning. At first glance I thought you had created a new somewhat covert twitter identity so that you can say whatever you want without repercussion. The follower’s name is @thebigdonk. turns out it’s an online gaming company. I’m kind of disappointed.

  3. Juliann July 15, 2011

    Have a fabulous time! I’m guessing that won’t be too difficult for the two of you to accomplish.

  4. Groovy, groovy! (mmmm, gin and tonics… mmmmmm)
    Have fun you gals! 🙂

  5. Oh you girls! Have an awesome time.

  6. So fun! These are the exact kind of traditions I hope to be starting with my sweet friends from back home 🙂 Hope you gals had a great weekend, I’m sure you did!