Jamming Season

February 3rd

The trees in Phoenix are full of citrus. I’ll juice oranges and lemons, freezing it with a bit of zest in ice cube trays for cooking for the next few months. And I tried my hand at making marmalade:

February 34 012

Marmalade season

Marmalade season

Marmalade season

Marmalade seasonMarmalade season


Canning really is a better idea with other people. Without fail — there is too much going on and I seem to goof up the timeline when I do this alone. Also, I burned the tar out of my hands, and the grapefruit marmalade is runny. The spoon in the freezer trick worked for the second batch.

Like anything, I’m learning with practice. And we have enough jam to last us a lifetime.


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2 Responses

  1. how fun… i love marmalades.

    I went to an Asian market and bought about 20 of the very tiny little ceramic bowls (like this: http://thumbs1.ebaystatic.com/d/l225/m/mykLVg3Erp_SKSHoM8FPV3w.jpg).

    I keep them in my freezer and when I am canning, I pull them out for a cold plate test;
    method 1 – let sit on cold plate for at least 30 seconds and turn plate to see how it flows
    method 2 – let sit for at least 30 seconds and run my finger down the middle, observe set in how the jam/jelly fills the gap

    This is a good resource: http://www.portlandpreserve.com/testingthejellypoint.pdf

    I also always check how the jam/jelly is drippping/sheeting off the spoon as I stir.

  2. Oh yum…wished I lived closer to be part of the Marmalade team effort and to enjoy the results!