January Gardening

January 20th

We have broccoli, peppers and onions going strong in the garden. We’re soon adding an addition to the garden bed — a separate bed solely for tomatoes. I’m thrilled. We’ll fill it two-thirds with organic compost and soil, and then work in epsom salts, crushed egg shells and top it with straw. Apparently straw helps prevent moldy growth on tomatoes and will reduce the amount of water needed. The egg shells prevent the soggy bottom disease (a calcium deficiency) I had a few years ago.

Planting, again

Planting, again

The tomato starts are on windowsills and fill the bathtub upstairs. (You’ve got to get your sunlight and humidity where you can, man!)

Planting, again

I also bought a bag of bat guano at Native Seed when visiting Tucson last week. I am trying it with these tomato seeds (from Finny!) and will see what type of production it helps produce. This is one of my favorite parts of gardening: the experimentation.

Come May, I’m hoping for a wild harvest and salsa party. Andale!



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  1. You go girls!

  2. I love your starting-the-garden posts each winter. It’s always nice to get this glimpse of summer gardening when I’m still two months away from being able to start my own seeds (and this year, buried under two and a half feet of snow!).