January 23rd

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  1. Um, are you sharing this butternut squash pasta recipe?

  2. Looks delicious. That pasta looks so good. Is that a chicken fillling and squash topping? Mmm…I so want to make that! 🙂 Happy Friday!

  3. Yes, please share the recipe. It looks wonderful.

  4. Please share the past recipe, it looks amazing! I am making my cookies this weekend, then to figure out how to post the photo.

    Happy Friday!

  5. One day can I come to community dinner?
    I think I’ve told you about this book but the food made me think of it again. Have you heard of/read “Simply In Season”?

  6. Seconding everyone else – very intrigued by the pasta with chicken filling & squash topping. Recipe, please! Also agreeing with grace’s recommendation on “Simply in Season” – a great, mindful cookbook.

  7. Dear Kelly, Please move to Birmingham so you can invite me over for dinner. This looks delicious. Bekah

  8. Did you buy a single vanilla bean for this? Did you know you can get vanilla beans from costco, somethine like 12 for $11 or something.. At least, they had them last month. I bought 10 from beanilla.com and paid about $17 after shipping. I have lost interest in buying them separately because of how expensive they are! Plus, they keep really well. I love vanilla though.. so I go through them.

    Everything looks delish though! Wish I had been there to sample that pasta dish!

  9. Did you bolied the macaroni before filling them? Thanks, the recipe seems yummy!

  10. I agree, recipe please!
    I seriously wish you were my neighbor! What happy tummies your friends have.

  11. Yes, recipe please!!! I did a butternut squash puree last week and it was not very good and now I have all of this frozen butternut squash and no clue what to do with it. That pasta dish looks yummy!!!

  12. No recipe? Love your dishes and salad servers.

  13. Yum – looks delish and it’s definitely very seasonal. I get a butternut squash in my farm share almost very week!

  14. WOW does that all look yummy!

  15. Tina in Duluth January 23, 2009

    I didn’t know it, but I wanted to be eating at your house last night!

  16. Recipe for the pasta-butternut squash dish please! Kelli it looks fabulous! Your table and side dishes look beautiful too. Hope you had a great time!

  17. Oh, man, looks great but you’re killing me here with the simplicity (which I’m all about right now!). . . no words. Would love to know what and where from about your meal.

  18. Looks delicious and that decanter is really pretty!

  19. NummaNummaNumma…. 🙂 Happy Friday Kelli!

  20. This looks incredible and also a whole lot of work!

  21. The Beaujolais is one of my all time favorite wines!!! Yum! What a beautiful looking meal!
    I’ve been reading your blog for over a year now….can’t remember how I found it. Anyhow…I grew up in Phoenix and all my family still lives there so I get back there a few times a year.
    Thanks again for writing such a great blog! 🙂

  22. You make the most creative meals with foods I don’t even know what to do with! I need you to give me cooking lessons! Looks wonderful!

  23. Wow, this looks amazing. And how did you cook the stuffed pasta?? Or did you first cook it and than stuff it?