Jars of Renewal: Prickly Pear Syrup

How I used the rest of those prickly pear
Ruby red goodness
Marg ingredients waiting
Too sweet for me
Pepto pink margs
this boy loves the prickly pear
Enjoying the margs
Five more recycled jars

I promise this is my last prickly pear post for a bit. I used the remaining prickly pear tunas last night for the latest Jars of Renewal project: syrup! Great in margaritas, other mixed drinks and even on pancakes. Yum.

To local gardeners, a reminder that tomorrow’s veggie class series at the Phoenix Farmer’s Market is worth the drive and $10. I’m thinking a big bowl of oatmeal at Matt’s beforehand is just what the happy hippie ordered.

Happy Friday friends!

11 Replies to “Jars of Renewal: Prickly Pear Syrup”

  1. Oh that syrup looks delicious and would have multiple uses. Great idea! I love the color the pp make — really pretty. I have enjoyed your posts on this subject and hope I come across some prickly pears up this way. A customer used to bring them to me from her garden when I had the eatery at Stanford.

  2. Oh my goodness, what a gorgeous color! Reminds me of making crabapple jelly. The pink shirt is very nicely coordinated as well.
    I really need to think of something to can. I have a whole tree full of asian pears no one likes. Maybe asian pear jam would be good 🙂

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