Jars of Renewal: Spicy Tomato Chutney

December 8th

Jars of Renewal: Spicy Tomato Chutney

Jars of Renewal: Spicy Tomato Chutney

Jars of Renewal: Spicy Tomato Chutney

Jars of Renewal: Spicy Tomato Chutney

Jars of Renewal: Spicy Tomato Chutney

Jars of Renewal: Spicy Tomato Chutney

Jars of Renewal: Spicy Tomato Chutney

Jars of Renewal: Spicy Tomato Chutney

A month or so ago, Colleen sent me a sweet package including a jar of her spicy tomato chutney {recipe here!}. She said in her note that this was good on “just about everything.” I am a pretty basic girl when it comes to condiments. I like spicy mustard, balsamic vinegar, salsa, and a bit of pepper. I rarely need anything more — unless it is the occasional dip into the crunchy peanut butter for a bagel.

Once I opened the jar, I quickly realized I was going to need more of this stuff and I was going to need it soon! It was rich, spicy, tangy and just as she said — good as a dip with vegetables, great as a spread on a whole wheat tortilla and turkey wrap, yummy on quinoa, and delicious as a spread with grilled chicken. I was in love.

Colleen shared her recipe and yesterday I managed to get a bit of cooking accomplished. Using a canning book Finny sent me for my birthday, I used a few more of those Jars of Renewal recycled jars and voila — seven more small gifts for the holidays.

Considering both of my forays into canning have been solo adventures, I’m not certain I’m doing everything just right. Also, I really should have read the recipe better because malt vinegar and normal old vinegar aren’t the same. It is still yummy, but it is different than what Colleen sent me. Next time, I’ll follow her words to the t.

I highly recommend this simple and sassy recipe. I plan to partner these with freshly baked loaves of bread and a great bottle of red wine for a few Christmas gifts. I am also quite pleased at the number of jars I’ve repurposed with this little Jars of Renewal project. Yahoo!

If you are looking for other great frugal (yet truly fabulous) ideas for Christmas, check out my other friend Colleen’s great project.



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  1. Love this series of posts. I am using a Google Reader now and so I comment less- it’s just so speedy! I thought of your jars project recently when I saw a post on Tip Junkie about filling jars with sewing notions for gift giving. It was a super cute gift for a crafty friend.

  2. Love your jars of renewal projects. I reminded my sister (again) to keep the baby food jars and lids separate from her other recycling materials so I can have them. I want to do some fun things with them next year! Great ideas Kel!

  3. Tina in Duluth December 8, 2008

    I want to make some of that, for sure!

  4. I have been a lucky recipient of Colleen’s spicy tomato chutney before as well. We really do put it on almost anything and haven’t used a condiment since. Loving jars of renewal. I’ve been surprised at how many different shapes of glass jars I use.

  5. Oh now this looks and sounds delicious! I am going to have to make me some. Great post Kelli. Like Jane I love following the Jars of renewal posts. PS> LOVED the hug that came by way of Sarah!

  6. oh, yum!! i have been wanting to try canning for ages… this sounds fantastic.
    hope your week is off to a good start kelli!

  7. I’m completly in love with your series and if you look at my blog – you’ll find “your” limoncello.

    look here


    Thanks Eve

  8. I love your blue pot! Now I understand what you meant by it being different. Next time it will be just right. 🙂