Jet Lag Go Away

July 14th

So, I’m thinking this headache I’ve had behind my eyes for the last five days is more than just jet lag. I’ve spent more time during the last week under the covers pinching my eyes shut and praying for relief than I have in years. And I’m pretty sure that time I had the flu. This is just this incredibly annoying pain that refuses to leave, regardless of the copious amounts of aspirin I’ve been inhaling.
Could be the change in weather (official outlook in Phoenix: RIDICULOUSLY HOT). Could be I’ve finally pried myself free of the caffeine demons that have kept me hostage for years (haven’t had any in 8 days, but who’s counting?) Could be Africa trying to tell me to get my butt back home. She misses me. I’m thinking its the latter. Regardless, this is about as whiny as I get and I’m hot. HOT! And my head hurts. And I am really missing being in Africa. (And am trying not to be too worried that maybe one of those stupid tsetse fly bites I got from the elephant safari could mean sleeping sickness. This would explain the headaches.)
Last photos of the adventure:

Africa 2008 781

Check out the toy car this kid fashioned out of trash. Tell me these kids couldn’t kick your student of the month’s butt in ingenuity? Yeah. Pretty sure they could kick my butt too.

Africa 2008 785

Seriously awesome.

Africa 2008 778

Who needs a JoAnn’s for supplies? Not these two village tailors. They put whatever they’ve got to great use, including these sewing machine relics.

Africa 2008 779

And they are pumped by foot.

Africa 2008 754

Gratuitous pretty kid photo. How beautiful are these girls? Stunning!

Africa 2008 749

These guys too!

Africa 2008 708

Thanks again for cheering me along through this adventure. Tomorrow I resume my domestic blogging duties that have been seriously neglected for the last two months. In the meantime, I’ve got a date with some Excedrin and a big bottle of ice water.


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24 Responses

  1. I had the same thing during the anti-Caffeine revolution…but let’s go with Africa.

  2. I received the best piece of mail today!!!!!! You should write a book on this. (Or is that what you are writing your book about…..)

    Anyway, I loved the letter and the photo. You’re a gem!

  3. Please go to the doctor!!

  4. I’m guessing it’s caffeine withdrawal, hopefully nothing worse. I’ve been seeing all your photos, fabulous trip Kelli…ciao

  5. Kelly, feel better soon. I wanted to say a quick hello and tell you how much I have enjoyed reading about your time in African. Your pictures have been spectacular!

  6. Um, kinda sounds like the tse tse flies (that I have seen before in bio class) may well have caught you.

    Are you going to a dr. cuz the self medicating is not working??

    Yeah, your Mom told me to say it.

  7. There’s nothing like being with unpretentious, humble people. Yeah, I go with Africa too. Obrigado pelo presente. Recebi hoje.

  8. Go to the doctor Kelli!


  9. I hope you’re not sick. Feel better soon! Thank you for the virtual journey!

  10. Goodness, I hope you are feeling better soon!

  11. I vote for coffee withdrawal

  12. Drink lots of water. But 5 days with a headache…go to the doctor.

  13. Beautiful photos Kelli- that car is amazing.
    I really think you should go to the doctors too… ring them now!

  14. Tina in Duluth July 15, 2008

    Go to the doctor!!

    The kid with the car is sure to be a blessing to his village! A self-trained engineer? What a mind he has!

  15. I am amazed you took the time to compose the wonderful letter including a photo which I received yesterday while enduring the headaches.
    Please don’t wait…5 days of intense headache needs some attention from the medical field.

  16. Nancy H July 15, 2008

    Hope today will find you feeling better; if not, listen to “a mother”: go to the doctor! Thanks you so much for the letter and photo. My ‘young friend in the green shirt’ is proudly on the refrigerator right by my own kids and he will be remembered in my prayers as well. Thank you for blessing my life.

  17. I hope your headache gets better. Try sipping some soda and sit somewhere with the a/c on. (My husband is from Tucson and I almost had a fit when I felt the Arizona heat for the first time 🙂

    Love that picture of them sewing on their vintage machines. Inspiring!

  18. Miss Kelli, hope your headache goes away really soon!!

    Just love all of your pictures – thank you for sharing.

  19. Got your letter yesterday, thank you!!!

    It could be the heat + caffeine withdrawal but I do hope you go to a doctor just to make sure you’re OK.

  20. I’m also voting you go see a dr. asap! I hope you start feeling well soon Kelli. Great pictures as always.

  21. I got my letter yesterday – loved it. Thank you. And get thee to a doctor, woman. Just to be on the safe side. I have so enjoyed your adventures. Thanks for letting me relive my own through yours on a different continent. 🙂

  22. I hope you start feeling better! Take care of yourself… we can’t have the Margarita Maven out of commission for too long! =)

  23. Catching up on your blog and savoring all the delicious words and photos from your trip. I’m especially in awe of the toy car made from rubbish. Ahhhhhhmazing. I see that and I can’t help but think that our American video-gaming-have-every-toy-under-the-sun kids are the ones who have the least. Imagination and ingenuity… a million times better than Wii!

  24. And PS… PLEASE go to the doctor!