April 18th

I photographed an elaborate and beautiful party thrown yesterday in Scottsdale by a Persian couple for their friends. A few of my favorite food shots:

Persian Party

Persian Party

Persian Party

Persian Party

Persian Party

Persian Party

Persian Party

Persian Party

Persian Party

Persian Party

Persian Party

Persian Party

I have honestly never in my life been in a room with so many gorgeous women. They were more intimidating than the high school cheer squad. Imagine hair, dresses, shoes, handbags, teeth, skin and jewels you only see in magazines. Now imagine 30 of them, with really sweet husbands in tow, in one room. I can’t post their photos because I didn’t ask permission and try to be careful about such things. Let’s just say, I once thought the Hispanic culture (namely, the women of Torreon, Mexico) had the most unbelievably beautiful, put together women in the world. Persians rival this, toe to manicured toe.

(And of course, to live up to my luck and lack of preparation, I was wearing flats, a messy braid, a shirt that should have been pressed, and blanket of insecurity. I don’t own a thing that would have been appropriate anyway, so at least I was comfy.)


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  1. Oh, WOW that spread looks fantastic! I don’t know what those last things are called, but I do love them!

    Kelli, you are a beautiful person INSIDE and OUT! This story reminded me of a time I was at a friend’s house and her neighbor confused me for “the help”. Oops!

  2. How perfect! A bowl of clementines. I should have thought of that! Next party, I’m doing that.

  3. Beautiful, Kelli! I love detail shots like this.

  4. wow! my friends have never served such beautiful food. i think i need to upgrade! LOL

  5. Brandi D'Souza April 19, 2010

    Beautiful photos!

  6. Diversifying skills/career options?

  7. I feel inadequate just looking at the beautiful spread of food. Mouth: watering. That cake! With the roses! Makes all my homemade potlucks look shabby. Ah well.

  8. Wow, this food looks amazing!! My parents & grandparents had Persian friends around a lot when I was growing up and I still think the women are some of the most beautiful in the world!

  9. You’re getting quite good with that camera of yours, doll – those photos came out really well. I’m sure the ones of the beautiful folks are stunning!

  10. venous sadeghi April 19, 2010

    dear all, this was my party. thanks to kelli for snapping such exquisite photos. i knew she was talented, just didnt know the extent of it all.
    my friends would ne honored, HONORED, to be featured on this beautiful web page. please consider permission granted to add any more photos you like.
    much love and many thanks for the sweet comments.

  11. Wow, great shots, Kel. You’re becoming quite the photographer!

  12. Dear Kelli,

    What beautiful pictures, Just looking at them makes me want to grab those Baklavas. You looked beautiful yesterday, and I think your natural beauty surpasses all of at least my makeup and manicure and pedi and the rest. Thanks for such fantastic pictures and it was very nice meeting you.

    Sarah ( I am not sure if you remember who I am so the one in patterened pink and green jacket and green skirt.)

  13. Farnaz (Faye) April 19, 2010

    Thank you so much for sharing. These photographs are just absolutely stunning . . . what an incredibly talented photographer and kind friend. These photographs are so inspiring. And Venous jan, hope your home is always a place for celebration, joy and friendship. Farnaz

  14. That photo of the black and white bowl with the red roses is fantastic.

  15. Sooooo beautiful! Makes me feel like I was there…and I’m enjoying the luxury of PJs and Tivo so I’m all about living vicariously through your stunning photos 🙂

  16. Ursula Newman April 20, 2010

    you have beautiful pictures—because we had a beautiful time—with a beautiful family in a beautiful house—–!!!! The essence is caught in the pictures.

  17. Dear Kelli; I met you as soon as I waked in. You looked very beautiful , with your hair elegantly pulled back and your lovely smile. Although I did not know you, I found you warm and friendly and that is a quality far better than any expensive purse or accessories. Thank you for the amazing pictures. You are very talented.

    Azin (I am the one in white. You took our pic by the door. And you mentioned that these are the first pic of the event that you snapped.)

  18. I hate when I feel like that!

    All that food looks so wonderful!

  19. Really gorgeous! I worked as a homecare nurse for a Persian woman for many years, and I have to agree with you about how rediculously gorgeous they all are, inside and out! And they truly have no peer when it comes to putting out a spread of food.

  20. You are beautiful nevertheless…..and thanks to your pics I just put up a few kilos….damn…..

  21. What amazing-looking food. I think I am intimidated just by the fancy spread – I can’t even imagine the gorgeous guests.

  22. Persian and Puerto Rican women intimidate me. They always look so beautiful. I’m usually sporting a messy ponytail and running shorts. Fun times.

  23. I can attest to the fact that Persian women are indeed beautiful! There are many moms at our school who are simply gorgeous. Venous is one of them and she is lovely inside and out. Btw, the food looks amazing!