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September 28th

I’m home again, home again after a lovely week in Colorado pet-sitting for my friends Sheila and Charlie. They were off to Africa and left me with their gorgeous home, a car full of gas, a GPS system, 5 furry friends to spend time with and WI-FI. I sat at their kitchen table busting through my work each day so I could go outside afterward and explore. Spending so much time away from home and my propoer desk feels decadent. I am so very lucky I’ve been able to escape from the heat as much as I have this summer.

I appreciated every cool breeze, the pitter patter of paws as the pups approached my bed each morning and simply being in a new environment. There cannot be enough said about the healing properties of reveling in sweet, thin mountain air. I spent hours lost one day on a hike only to find a path marked with “Beware of mountain lion!” signs. As my heart raced and I breathed as hard as I could in the altitude, I still couldn’t help but smile and stick my arms out in “Sound of Music” fashion. (Okay, in all honesty — I cried. I sat down and cried and was 4-miles off course, panicked, without water and completely freaked out when a ranger on a horse found me and got me back on course. Resume soundtrack music… ) The golden hills, dotted with the occasional pine and bouquet of purple wildflowers, with an absurdly bright blue sky above and towering gray Flat Iron mountains in the distance, made me feel alive.

Welcome home chicken

When I wasn’t hiking, I was finding ways to follow my passions without my sewing machine. I saw this dutch oven in Sheila’s hutch and once I was done drooling over the size and color of the Le Creuset, I knew I had to cook. Roast chicken and vegetables is the easiest way to make a savory meal that makes the entire home smell welcoming. I threw together some veggies and rosemary from the garden and voila — a meal waiting for my friends when they returned from their time-zone hopping:

Welcome home chicken

Welcome home chicken

Welcome home chicken

Welcome home chicken

Welcome home chicken

Welcome home chicken

Welcome home chicken

Welcome home chicken

The funny thing is, when they landed yesterday we couldn’t stop thanking each other. I was so grateful to have a different place to work and to connect with my creativity. I made considerable progress on a few projects that sorely needed my attention. They were happy their pets were still alive and the house hadn’t burned down.

Win-win and a jiggity jig,


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  1. Sounds like a fabulous week. Glad you were able to get away and relax!

  2. I’m so happy (and jealous) that you got some time away … new climate, new surroundings, new pets! Welcome home.

  3. A working vacation where break time means hiking right outside your door? Sounds pretty awesome to me! Welcome back. I think your sewing machine missed you.

  4. How long did it take to bake that chicken? Glad you had a good week and that ranger found you! Phew!

  5. You are not the first one to cry on a hike. Although I think mine was more of a tantrum. Glad you got back safe and had a great time šŸ™‚

  6. What can I say? The meal was fabulous in so many ways – mostly because it was incredibly thoughtful. The animals all miss you. (truly -especially yogi – he put on some more “L” “B”s). We love you dearly šŸ™‚

  7. winner winner chicken dinner. it was lovely seeing you.

  8. Welcome back! I got back today, too, and despite it being 102 when I landed, I was soooo happy to be home again. I love it here! Soon you will be able to take long pleasant hikes here again, too, when it’s freezing cold everywhere else.

    Scary about getting lost like that, I’ve had it happen and I cried, too. Good thing for rangers.

  9. Mountian lions, oh my! I would have cried being lost out there as well! I love le cruset and what a fun color the pot you found nestled in your friends pantry is. The new colors are as fun as the old. Mine are the original color; flame.

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