Jingling the Bells

December 12th

Knitted cap

Last night while wrapping gifts, I realized that I’m flying to Texas next week for Christmas. Yay! I am really looking forward to playing with the family dog, taking long walks with my mom, lounging on the couch and watching movies with my dad, people watching at the mall with my brother. You get the idea. I go into holiday mode where all pants have an elastic waist (or are yoga pants and hang precariously close to Plumberville), all sunrises are happily missed for hours of extra sleep, all meals are consumed with loved ones and my normal diligent routine isn’t just put aside. It’s run over by reindeer, trampled and forgotten in the front yard like a heap of dirty snow no one wants to shovel.
As my friend Homer J. Simpson would say, “WOO HOO!”

Between now and then? Well, that’s another story. Like many of you, the next week will be a test of strength. How much eggnog can I consume? To how many holiday parties can I wear the same generously stretchy black dress? How many empty boxes can I stack in my studio, waiting to be refilled and sent full of homemade goodies?

Girly hat

I haven’t knit many Christmas gifts this year, mainly because they are so incredibly time consuming. I can sew like Speedy Gonzalez, but my knitting is on par with Eeyore. These hats have been sent off. I wanted to doll up the green one a bit, so I added the fabric flower and hand-stitched it on a pin so it can be removed if the recipient isn’t as fond of it as I am.

flower close up

This week, I’m trying to finish up this sweater. I’m so darned close, but I very well may be found in an exhausted heap of purl one, knit one ribbing — my knitting Lex Luther. I’ve got 4.5 more inches of ribbing before the turtleneck is complete. Maybe I should be drinking Red Bull instead of red wine when working on this…


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18 Responses

  1. I hear you!

    Have fun next week.

  2. love, love, love that green hat!!!

  3. Have fun next week. It’s hard to believe that it’s that close! Those hats, especially the green one, are super cute.

  4. I’m impressed by your hats… I MUST learn how to knit!

  5. Texas!? love that green hat. you rock. you’re an awesome knitter and embellisher.

  6. NO!!!! Stick with the vino Kelli!! šŸ™‚
    The hats are gorgeous. I’m still working on my knitting project…I’ve been working on it since October!

    Have fun in Texas…enjoy yourself.

  7. oh, i hope you finish the sweater! i remember when you first blogged about it.

  8. That’s great that you get to fly home for Christmas!! I really love the flower, can’t imagine someone not being fond of it. šŸ™‚ Good luck making it through to the holiday… and I second your thought about yoga pants and the like. They are the best for this time of year!

  9. Not only is 4.5″ on K1,P1 ribbing mind numbing, but that sweater is horrendous! Good luck. šŸ™‚

  10. The hats are wonderful!! I love the flower. I loved the post about your grandmothers. Good stuff!!

  11. I love the hats! I’ve been trying to knit, so far it’s not going so well, but I keep on trying!

  12. Love the hats, love the green!

    and the link to the grandma sweater story was priceless…

    You’ll be the most retro grrrl on the block….

  13. I love the flower; adds a nice touch.

    Good luck on the sweater. I was reading your old post about it and wondered how the plant made it….?

  14. I lie the green one;))))!!!!

  15. like sorry šŸ˜‰

  16. The green one is really beautiful!
    My spongata is ready for you to see, you posted before I finished my blog!

  17. I love these photos! I learned to knit over the summer but since school started I haven’t had much of a chance to practice. My brother asked me to knit him a hat for the holidays but I ended up buying him a really nice one and including an IOU. Darn all that school work! lol.

    These caps look amazing though. šŸ™‚

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