Jittery? Who’s jittery?

When I get eager about traveling, I tend to go a bit over the top with things I love and will miss.

Like running and swimming. I can’t usually run in the countries I visit. Shorts are typically out of the question and the one time I ran in Mozambique, I was chased by children. It was fun, while a bit odd. So, I’m thinking I’ll leave my Speedo at home and wear my running shoes with the hope I’ll at least be able to get in some great walking. Something tells me a lap pool is too much to ask to find in the Andes, but you never know. (There is in fact a lap pool in Mozambique. No kidding.) I’ve run a couple dozen miles in the last week and been in the pool nearly every day. I’m living strong for Rex — who just finished his first round of chemo and is doing well.

And eating. I usually avoid dairy when I travel because I’m getting more sensitive and more picky about what I’ll eat. One gulp of unpasturized milk and I am a goner. I also love to eat vegetarian beforehand because it seems greasy mystery meat is a staple of the developing world. This week: veggie burro, enchilada style green with mucho queso por favor.

Then there is the crafting. Singer, how I will miss thee. Thankfully my knitting needles are portable. After a marathon session of domesticity this weekend, voila — six new Amy Butler bags. (Did I mention I brought home a new favorite drink from my recent trip to Seattle? Cafe Americano is a shot of espresso with water. Add a couple of Splenda and I’m in heaven. Make any correlations you please.)

New crop of swing bags with African fabrics

Swing it, baby.

In town bags2

We’re going in town with these fruity pieces of arm candy.

Off to Starbucks! I’m going to get all this working, packing, running, cleaning and writing done before I leave even if I have to climb behind the counter and put on a green apron myself.


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  1. lovely, lovely bags! I love how you churn out a whole stack of them together! (obsessive crafting is also my style!)
    And great news to hear about your friend Rex doing well.

  2. Wow – you really can whip up those beauties!! I especially love the orange fabric in the top. If you do climb behind the counter at Starbuks I’m sure you could/did whip up your own pretty apron, no?

    Yay! for Rex. So, when do you leave?

  3. Six bags? You are ambitious, girl! I am SO going to be a sewing maniac by the time you return from your trip (ok, I have the maniac part down already). Check out my latest Funky Find…I think I’m going to catch some flack from my fellow red staters! Yikes!

  4. Wow! Love those bags! I have really missed my sewing machine while travelling so I can relate. I have lots of catching up to do and maybe I´ll even try a wristlet and finally learn to sew in a zipper.

  5. The bags you made are gorgeous. I really love the orange and black swing bag. I have got to get one of those Amy Butler patterns!

    I’m sure you’ll be back from your trip with lots of knitted goodies.

  6. I’m so glad to hear that Rex is doing well with his treatments. You are making wonderful things and taking such good care of your own health. There are so many adventures ahead of you on your trip and I’m excited for you.

  7. SIX BAGS?!? What are you the Bionic Craftswoman? Lord girl — that is amazing. Oh, and that swing bag with the bold orange print is absolutely my favorite so far. What an incredible pattern – so bold!

    Nice work 🙂 I can’t wait to come craft with your fancy ass.

  8. so many nice bags! my, you’ve been busy!!!

    i was cracking up with the kids chasing you as you ran. that’s really funny.

    how long are you going to be away this time? 3 wks?

  9. wow! those bags are amazing…nice weekend, very fun and busy…I made many many felt beads!

    Oh!!! when are you comming here around? how long it’s your trip?

    have a great week, eat enough, sleep… and be happy…

    Kisses for you! xoxo

  10. could you please tell me the maker of the lip balm i have never heard of beer flavoured lip balm and im psyched to find some 🙂

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