Journal from the Playboy Mansion*

April 13th

Have you seen the show, “The Girls Next Door?” I am oddly in love with this program. Odd because Hugh Hefner + sexy women = me gagging. In love because Holly (queen Bunny of the moment) is just so fun, sweet and remarkably smart by comparison to the other bunnies in the hatch. Holly is also strangely domestic. There is something so funny about the way she bounces between two worlds — wearing smart skirts and pearls in one scene and absolutely nothing in the next.
I only catch this show every now and then, but it came to mind yesterday when I photographed two fabulous CAOK gifts I received this week:

all wrapped up

I’m naming my African wee bunny Holly, even though she’s got a super sweet embroidered K on her tummy. The K is for keeper. She came tucked in a fab washcloth too! (So like Holly to accessorize in every situation.) She came from Karen.

Boy bunny from Erin

A crocheted bunny I’ve lovingly named Hef. He’s already surrounded himself with the ladies. A truly lovely gift from Erin.

Girl's Next Door

Do you think he lured them with carrots? Or karats? Either way, thank you ladies. These are so great!

And a recipe review:
Several people requested that mango salsa recipe from my African dinner party. I couldn’t find it on Smitten’s site, but it was in my domestic bliss folder. {Update: The reason I couldn’t find it on Smitten is because it is MamaLip’s Recipe! My bad.}

Smitten Mango Salsa
2 mangoes, peeled and diced
1 red bell pepper, seeded and diced
4-5 green onions, cut into tiny bits
1-2 fresh chili peppers, cut into tiny bits
a handful of fresh cilantro
juice from 1/2 of a fresh lime
salt and pepper to taste

Chop, mix and let sit for about an hour. This would be great on fish!

And as for the banana bread/chocolate chip cookie hybrid? I doubled a batch of chocolate chip cookies and added more flour, whole wheat flour and two mashed bananas. The result was 50 small cookies that were distributed and inhaled by the masses yesterday. They were good — but not yet perfect. I’m looking more for a scone/bread consistency. I am considering doubling the flour and adding a package of white pudding to the next batch. Back to the cutting board!


*How many searchers are going to be disappointed when they find a blog entry about sewn and crocheted bunnies when they were looking for a different breed of mansion residents entirely? Ha!

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22 Responses

  1. Ha, ha, ha!!! Cruel but hilarious juke for the “bunny” searchers! Love the little bunnies and your post!

  2. THANKS!! I want to try that this weekend!!!

  3. I think i’m attracted to older chauvanist men. i have a penchant for both Hef and Howard (Stern, of course). Or maybe it’s just that I love the dichotomy they both present: intelligence, free thinking, liberal attitudes and a love of naked strippers. anyway, of course i love that show too. i like holly the best, too, though i have a special place in my heart for kendra and bridget as well.

  4. I am so excited that you love the show. I always try to tell people that I love it, and always get strange looks from them. The three girls crack me up, but my favorite parts of the shows always seem to involve the butlers and the dogs…

  5. I’m a closet Girls Next Door lover myself. Le sigh. Hef grosses me out though. Ewwww…him and his creepy bathrobes.

  6. Aw, how cute. I love the bunnies and I’m sure you will take great care of them! My friend’s reason for liking that show “It’s a reality show without the drama!”. ;D

  7. That show cracks me up, although I think I like Bridget more! She’s so funny. I’m glad to see I’m not the only lover of this show!

  8. I’ve seen that show a couple of times & it is nothing if not entertaining. I love the bunnies you’ve received. Such thoughtful & adorable gifts! And I am dying to have this mango salsa. I love the tilapia with mango salsa @ Cheddar’s. Yumola! Happy weekend my dear!

  9. i can’t stop watching that show! even if i’ve seen the episode before. it’s so bad.

  10. Thank goodness there are other “Girls” viewers coming clean! Every time I mention it, my mother becomes so disgusted with me! I just love the interaction between the girls, although Holly is my hands-down favorite, even if she lives in her own fantasy world with regards to her future with Hef.

  11. Very cute bunnies.

    And your granola looks yummy. We’ll have to try it with PB.

  12. Once I was at UCLA for a class when several older women who looked like they could have been bunnies in their prime stopped me in the parking lot asking for directions to the Playboy party. I thought, (as I was wearing my jeans and baggy sweatshirt)do I look like I know ANYTHING about the Playboy Party!? It turns out that it was a party and then bus trip to the mansse as a fundraiser for Tippi Hendrens animal preserve, Shambala. BTW, if you love the show, you might also like the book Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellions by Gloria Steinem. The book included her recollections of the past, such as her experience as a Playboy bunny. Marilyn: Norma Jean,is also a great book.

    Great bunnies- and even greater COAK lives!

  13. Your gifts are so lovely and thoughtful of the senders–but you deserve it all.

    I greatly appreciate the salsa recipe–yummy!

    My sister loves to play “Bunny” when we go skiing; it’s her spoof on non-skiing ski bunnies. She wears this crazy white fuzzy bunny hat with big pink ears on her head as she skies down the slope. Too funny! She made my brother wear it one time and the goofball actually did.

  14. you got your little mansion crew…how hilarious.
    how funny that so many are watching this show. they were even showing it in brazil….so you know it is hot. hahaha.

  15. Like the others, I’ve been watching the girls as well and try not to miss an episode. They just crack me up, but my favorite is Bridget. I think it’s great that you named the bunnies after them- no one’s likely to forget those names!

  16. Ack! Look at all the bunny goodness – they are all so fabulous, and they all have such personality!

  17. Kel, You can’t seriously think that Holly is the smartest bunny? I mean Bridget actually has two degrees! I do love the show though. Kendra, completely ridiculous! Gotta love girls who date an 80 year old man. At least it looks like they get good treats like their cars out of the deal! Cute bunnies!

  18. did you know that hef and holly are actually getting married?! saw it on larry king the other night! i think we all have an inner holly…at least my hubby would like to think so!

  19. What a lovely plush trio!!

  20. ahahaha — i think that’s MY mango salsa recipe. i posted it on mamalips. funny, because we just made it last weekend or i might not have noticed. 😉

  21. Glad you liked the bunny! Hef, haha, love it!