There are times I forget that my family and friends read this site — like when I stupidly announced to the Internet I may have TB. Lordie, my cell phone started ringing off the hook. Needless to say, if you think you have a communicable disease, it may just behoove you to tell your loved ones first, rather than the entire world at once.
Good news — No consumption here. The tests are back. Thanks for all your well wishes. I’m actually sorry I brought it up. Nothing worse than being a hypochondriac.

I’m baking, sewing, and working from home today. Yay! Love days like these. Just a reminder, today’s your last day to sign up for “It’s a Wristlet World” swap. Tomorrow I’ll be sending out the matches.


7 Replies to “Jueves”

  1. Hey, we’d much rather you be a hypo & check it out versus being sick! Glad all is well. And we all freak out from time to time. 🙂 Looking forward to the swap matches! Maybe my partner for this swap will actually return my emails!?

  2. I’m so glad you don’t have coodies. I am not sure if my chicken soup recipe is up to the challenge of ridding you of TB. Stay safe at home amongst your crafts, k?

  3. Hiya kelli, sorry I haven’t been over for ages, only with being away, the workmen, the mad dog, painting my lounge and not forgetting sunbathing out the back, I haven’t been on the computer much…!

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