Juntas, Vamos a Viajar el Mundo

May 29th

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“Feet, why do I need them, if I have wings to fly?
Frida Kahlo

My new travel bag, made with some CAOK-gifted fabric featuring my favorite artist, from Viv of Maine. Amy Butler birdie sling, canvas interior and handle. Red polka dot pocket for luck inside. Will hold: stack of books, journal, camera, Nalgene, snacks, knitting project, gum, lip gloss and my passport. Something about traveling with a bit of Frida makes this all that much more exciting!


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29 Responses

  1. SQUEE! I love it!!

  2. another gorgeous bag! Etsy now says my pattern has shipped, but I ordered it over two weeks ago. I am getting antsy to make my own birdie sling with some birdie fabric I have 🙂

  3. Hi Kelli,
    Love this bag style (hint hint ;)) But no nalgene, it contains that yucky chemical BPA! Get a nice stainless bottle, they say it makes the water taste better, too. Though I thought the point of water was that it had no flavor? Have a great trip! Can’t wait to hear about it and see pics!

  4. Wow! It can hold all of that!!??!! I love your choice of fabrics 🙂

  5. Totally cool Frida fabric!! Wow, I am envious.

    Cute bag and safe travels! Hugs.

  6. vaya con buena suerte, mi amiga.

  7. I sent my mom a link to “Segundo Pajaro,” and she loved looking through the rest of your projects. She sent an extra email to me tonight with these two lines:

    “Whoever is the ‘person’ /sewer on the blog site (that was in the forwarded connection) was a great seamstress…her sewing was good. I was impressed. Pass that along when you are blogging with that person. The red apron was precious.”

    She used to be a home ec teacher. I don’t think she can help but judge one’s work (maybe that’s why I never learned to sew!). Anyway, I just had to pass it on.

    (and in the first email, she mentioned she has that pattern. she bought it last week at a quilting shop. there went any motivation I had to make it for myself…)

  8. I LOVE that fabric. Great bag. 🙂

  9. Another really nice bag! Frida will surely take care of you and bring you safely home!
    I’m leaving early tomorrow morning, so this is maybe my last chance to whish you a GOOD JOURNEY!!! Take care.

  10. I’m going to miss you when you’re off on your travels- you’re such an inspiration x
    Your bag is fabulous btw.

  11. Kelli, love the bag! And have a great time on all your travels, we’ll miss you here in blogland!

  12. That’s one of my favorite versions I’ve seen.

    Safe and joyful travels!!

  13. She’s GORGEOUS!

    Happy travels….
    you’ll be missed, but we know you’re off doing good/making a difference…


  14. What a perfect use for that fabric! Let it accompany you in good health 🙂

    Bon voyage,

    Viv from Maine

  15. A perfect bag for your travels, Kelli! And Frida Kahlo makes for a wonderful travel companion. I know you’re thoroughly going to enjoy this trip and all of us go with you in spirit.

  16. Beautiful bag! A friend of mine was able to leave the US with her knitting needles recently, but not able to board the plane in a foreign land with them.

  17. Love the bags! Have a GREAT time on your trip!

  18. Vaya con Dios. And stay healthy on your travels! (Maybe you should add some immodium/pepto to your bag…) 🙂

  19. very nice. love the fabric. i think that “Travels with Frida” sounds like a great title for a book!

  20. Charly May 30, 2008

    Love the bag. I wish you safe travels….and lots of fun.

  21. I love the fabric. It makes a great bag. I hope you have a happy, safe, healty and rewarding trip.

    Happy travels.

  22. 🙂 Boa viajem cara.

  23. Now THIS is my favorite bag yet. Bon voyage! Take lots of pictures!

  24. Oh yeah. That bag is very You. Travel safe, my friend. Parlaremmo quando si torna.

  25. Love the bag but a couple of the photos say they are no longer available on flickr????

  26. Angie Irapuato May 31, 2008

    Please, please, where did you get that fabric?
    I’m in Mexico and I haven’t seen it here.
    Beautiful bag!!

  27. Very cute travel bag! Nice work Kel.

  28. Ok, it’s beautiful! You’re inspiring me to buy the pattern! Have a fun and safe trip!

  29. love, love the bag. love kahlo.