Kathryn Louise

February 7th

Sleeping happily

I met a new friend today — Katie Lou. Isn’t she beautiful? Her parents should write a book on relaxed parenting. I saw them today for the first time since her birth and they looked like they’d just walked off a beach. They were calm, cool and far too collected. Katie and I chilled for a bit until I tried taking her photo. This is when her inner diva emerged:

Give the girl some space!

“Please, Kelli. We just met I don’t want my pictures in Baby Weekly. I just want my privacy!”

Please! No paparazzi!

“I’m just not ready for press! Come on! I’m just back from Lacatation Therapy for Pete’s Sake. Have you no shame?”

Sweet baby toes

“But seriously, how cute are these socks? You should see the matching bib.”


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16 Responses

  1. Babies are precious. I’m a new auntie, and you fall in love with babies instantly. 🙂

  2. beautiful…just beautiful:)

  3. I’m guessing that you love the giraffe seat cover too, right?
    She’s beautiful!

  4. Yep, she’s a keeper. Who are the lucky parents?
    Do they need an extra grammie?

  5. Oh Kelli, what a lovely little girl. I’m sure she’ll be spoiled wonderfully by all who know her…ciao

  6. How Precious!! I love that name, too..she’s a sweetie..

  7. Katherine Louise is my mom’s name. 🙂

    Blessings on you, Katie Lou! May you grow big and strong and smart!

  8. that is hysterical. i love the startle reflex. what a nice new friend.

  9. She’s a real cutie! Congrats to the proud parents!

  10. Oh she is just gorgeous and I love your little story, I can hear her from here. Love her little giraffes, just for AfricanKelli. Gotta love babies little feet.

  11. She is so precious and her tiny socks are indeed as cute as they can be.

  12. The feet…they slay me!

  13. So sweet. Congratulations to the new family.

  14. What a beautiful baby.

  15. What a sweet baby! I love babies.