Keen Indeed

July 31st

Like I'm headed off to kindergarten

Like I’m starting a new school and in typical Type A/nutty fashion, I have my work bag packed and my outfit ready for tomorrow. How cute is that birdie bag with a new pair of Keens? I am slowly transforming into an REI happy hippie girl.

Tomorrow I walk to work, like I did in high school when I occasionally got grounded from the Hornet and had to hoof it to the tortilla factory. I walked to work at The Lumberjack and certainly did plenty of walking in the five months I managed to tough out farming in Cameroon. I can’t adequately express how happy I am that I hung up my concrete jungle driving gloves today. Driving on the highway in the city ranks right up there on my fun-meter with getting a cavity filled or changing a tire. Not to mention, I just read the average American driver spends $9,000 on car maintenance, gas and payments a year. Sweet mama, that is a lot of cash. Of course tonight on my way home, there was a big decision-affirming crash within a mile of my house and I sat on the freeway in 111 degree heat. Phew. So glad tomorrow I’ll be walking through that sauna and not sitting in it.
That said, I am having a bit of panic with this change, even though it was a long time coming. It hit me this afternoon — five years I’ve worked for the same trusty employer and tomorrow I start all over with day one. I’m currently practicing deep breathing and hoping to muddle through the exhausting nonsense that is a panic attack.
The internal dialog goes something like this:
Stomach: Gurgle
Heart: 118 beats a minute sitting down
Brow: Sweaty
Mind: What the heck is going on? I am freaking out. Why am I freaking out? Stop freaking out!
Lungs: Hyperventilating
Mind: Okay, get a grip here. Don’t listen to your heart pounding. Focus on your happy place. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe!
Mind: This was the right choice! New adventure! New fun! You can do this! STOP FREAKING OUT.
Stomach: ROAR!

What to wear when you are walking to your new job

So, I did one of the most relaxing things I could think of — I got a pedicure and then went shopping at my financial arch nemisis.
New shoes for the new walk, and they were on clearance — plus I had a trusty dividend to burn. Got to love a great deal on something you’d already had your eye on.
New shoes on feet, heart calming, breathing easier. Tomorrow will be groovy. If nothing else, my feet will be rockin’. I could buy a lot of shoes with $9,000…


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41 Responses

  1. I love my keens, there’s nothing like them. Good luck on your first day — I’m sure it’ll be great!!

  2. good luck tomorrow- you’re going to be great. Now tell your mind to shush and let you get a good night’s sleep.
    super cute shoes and bag.

  3. Those look like super comfy shoes, I like the color too. Good luck tomorrow, I’m sure you’ll do just fine 🙂

  4. Kelli! Good luck, your first day will be fine as will all the days after it. Enjoy this new challenge and just imagine what you can spend your gas money on!!!

  5. Panic attacks are unconfortable but not the enemy. Just listen to what they have to share.
    Have a great day tomorrow.

  6. Nice pair of shoes, good match with the bag!
    Good luck girl.

  7. You are too cute Kelli! And I love that you are as organized as I am in laying out all your stuff for your big first day. 🙂 Love the bag and shoes, and I hope that they give you a bit of a boost on your first day at the new job.

    Good luck!

  8. Hope your first day is fabulous. I’ll be sending positive thoughts your way.

    Love the shoes! I’m not much for brand names, except when it comes to my Keens…

  9. Oh my gosh, I loooooove that bag! My husband says he’s getting me a custom Timbuktu bag when we visit San Fran this spring.

    Good luck at your new job!!

  10. All the best as you begin your new job! Remember, they’re lucky to have you.

  11. You’re going to have a great first day. The new people you meet will love your wonderful bag, fabulous shoes, and most especially your own fantastic self. You’ll learn much on this new venture, but you’re also bringing them your own skills, experience, and strong work ethic. It’s your first day with them–and it’s their first day with you. All told, everyone wins.

  12. Good luck today! I like the new shoes!! And, I love your crafty addition to the standard black bag. Nice.

  13. Oh Kelli –
    Have a wonderful walk and an even better first day!

  14. Change is so unsettling, even when it’s welcome. Be good to yourself today and this weekend, and in the next year. We’ve all been where you are (first day somewhere new), and we all support you. Go girl!

  15. cute bag and shoes!

  16. So much for using the dividend on a new ride, huh?


  17. Yay! I’m so excited for you!!

  18. Oh, Kelli, I hope today was a good one! Good luck.

  19. Gotta love the shoes. They are enough on their own to calm a freaking out stomach and mind!

  20. Reading your internal dialogue was starting to stress ME out! Maybe I need to go get new shoes now! 😉

    Your new job will be great. You’ll get to meet new people and that is always a plus.

    The shoes look comfy!

  21. Tina in Duluth August 1, 2008

    I’m with Breanna about name brands, but I’m a HUGE Keen fan, too! I’ve been trying to talk myself into a pair of tomato red “dress” Keens for ages, why did you have to mention they are on clearance?? Totally cute bag! If the outfit and LACK OF COMMUTE are any indication, you are going to have a fabulous first day!

  22. Rebecca August 1, 2008

    I’m thinking of you and hoping that today was everything and more that you wanted in a new job. BRAVO Kelli! You are so going to wow them and make them wonder why they didn’t hire you earlier.

  23. LOVE THE SHOES! I was about to get a pair but my friend beat me to it…may still.

    Hope today went well!

  24. Good luck you will do great I’m sure!

  25. Hope your first day was GREAT!!! And I absolutely love the shoes!

  26. Hope today went well Kelli! There is no way it could have badly with such kickin shoes!!!! Love them!

  27. Happy first day! Just think in a few weeks driving will be a choice and probably much more enjoyable when you choose to indulge.

  28. You did seriously not drive that car in high school.
    And aaaaaaaaah, the Lumberjack and WW were the good ‘ol days.

  29. hooray new job and new shoes! (cuuuute…) is new job closer to home? i think it’s wonderful you are walking, and i am so impressed you will do so in the arizona heat. wow!

  30. I hope your first day of work was fabulous. I’m sure your stomach was all knotted up for nothing!

  31. cute shoes!!! Good Luck with the new job!

  32. I’m sure day 1 went well. Love the shoes, thank heaven we don’t have REI here.

  33. Aw, man, I missed it!!! You started already!

    Good luck on your SECOND day at your new job. I pray it is a great fit for you at this time of your life. They are lucky to have you (and the old place is bummin’ to lose you)!


  34. Aw – what cute walking shoes! I need a pair . . .

  35. #1 I think it’s great that you can walk to work. When I had a regular job I never lived close enough to walk.

    #2 I am in desperate need of shoes and never thought of REI. Thanks for the tip. We’re off to run an errand this morning and REI just happens to be sort of a bit on the way. 😉

  36. Oh they are going to love you! What a pleasure to be able to walk to work. One of my jobs was close enough where I walked to and from work and loved it; legs looked pretty good too after awhile:)

  37. Happy new job, happy new shoes!

    You did a fabulous job of capturing the rollercoaster that change induces…

  38. good luck tomorrow sweet friend! i will be praying for you tonight. and the kicks ROCK!!!

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  40. Those shoes are gorgeous and look incredibly comfy. Boy do I wish I could walk to work :sigh: On the work front: new beginnings can be very exciting.

  41. Cute shoes! Keens are getting better looking all the time.

    I have a pair I only wear when camping, hiking and going to amusement parks. I like them but they aren’t fashion forward.

    Great taste you have…mine are in the same color.

    Hope the first day was good.