Keep Your Figgy Pudding

December 27th

new NAU quilt
quilt detail
new silver love
new martha ramekins
Christmas flowers and table runner

I have apparently been a good girl. Santa brought a new quilt, table runner, pots and pans and replacement iPod. Santa rocks.

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  1. I’m glad Santa was good to you. You deserve “goodness” in abundance.

  2. Nice table runner and pot.

    very cool new ipod.

  3. Nice loot!
    Belated Merry Christmas! : )

  4. Great haul! I’m almost embarassed to list my presents this year. Oh yeah the braided Challah bread, first bread I ever made, came out great and has been a favorite ever since, as a matter of fact I need to bake that and post it.

  5. I guess you have been good to get that kind of loot. I guess I wasn’t very good, I didn’t get loot like that. Love the quilt…ciao

  6. What a lovely bunch of presents! I also got an IPod to this year! I think Santa made a deal with Apple.
    I love your the pot!

  7. Santa rocks. You deserve it!

  8. Your new quilt is beautiful!

  9. You’ve been a very good girl and I would venture to say you were at the top of Santa’s good girl list. Great gifts, Kelli–I know you’re enjoying these fabulous Christmas presents.

  10. That’s so weird. My brother got an iPod too.

    I love the teeny tiny enamelware! That’s going to be so handy!!

    Also, great idea for a blog post. I will do my Christmas presents, as well. I forgot to take pictures of the unwrapping. Or of much else, unfortunately.

    We went to Christmas mass at this place just outside of Yosemite; it was all windows – you felt like you were floating among the mountains – totally humbling, the most beautiful church I’ve ever been in, because it didn’t even try to compete with nature, just let it all in. Anyway, they had a really pretty picture of the Virgin Mary hanging on one side, and when I went up to get a closer look, I was amazed – it was a gorgeous quilt! I totally thought of your mom.

  11. you must have been very very good!

  12. awsome loot! santa must really be a big fan of yours. merry christmas and happy new year! 🙂

  13. Lucky ba$!ar&! Just kidding. What kind of pot is that very, very cute light blue one? I love it! It looks like it has a cute doodad on the handle.

  14. Nice job, Santa!
    Love that cute little pot – and the quilt!!!

  15. you have been a very good girl indeed 🙂 what lovely gifts, and amazing christmas spread you made… so glad you had a great holiday my friend! sending hugs… xo

  16. Oh, Kelli, the feng shui in your house keeps growing better and better! I just know this is going to be your best year yet!

  17. Wonderful gifts…may they brighten your days in 2008! Happy new year!