Kermit Z Frog Hat

September 9th

Stafford Hat

I have never knit lace before, or followed a knitting chart. This pattern provided just the right amount of challenge. We spent a good bit of time this weekend on the couch, listening to the rain fall and watching a BBC miniseries on Netflix.

Stafford Hat

I’ll be making several of these this fall for friends in cooler locales.

Stafford Hat

Love these colors, and the rhythm of knitting. Perhaps I’ll even finish that sweater I started two years ago, or the tri-cabled scarf that I’ve carried in my purse for 8 months? It is a lot more enjoyable to knit in cooler weather — that I know for certain.

For now, more hats. These are too fun and are a great way to use up my current yarn stash.



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7 Responses

  1. love it! just raveled the pattern so i can make it this fall/winter as well — great choice for your first lace/chart project!

  2. Erin Henderson Truax September 9, 2013

    Hi Kelli!

    I knit a ton of hats! I find that I finish the project just about the time I get tired of the pattern. 🙂 Did I ever tell you about the 10′ long Dr. Who scarf I made for Dave? Talk about getting tired of knitting something!

    Hope you’re doing well. We will be out your way over Thanksgiving!

  3. Very pretty pattern!

  4. Cute and happy for you. I could never the hang of knitting or crocheting…it actually stresses me out. Plus I am allergic to wool…so…yeah…no

    It’s great when you find that something that stirs the creative mojo…for me its writing, painting and scrapbooking/journaling.


  5. What a great color! Love it!

  6. Love that hat!

  7. Love the green! For what its worth, I think knitting patterns (like lace or cables) make more sense in chart form once you get used to reading the charts).