July 8th


What lies behind us, and what lies before us are small matters to what lies within us.~~Ralph Waldo Emerson

The bags are packed,  car fueled, maps printed, mixed CDs burned,  snacks baked and July birthday cards posted. I’m heading off on a solo road trip for the next couple weeks. I plan to see family and friends, sleep under the stars, fly fish, take long hikes through the Rockies and Tetons, ride a horse or two, maybe kiss a cowboy or two and document each spirit-refreshing step with an adventurer’s wanderlust.

Be well, friends.



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  1. Have fun! Be safe!

  2. That sounds amazing!! I hope you have a great time!

  3. Have a great time and soak up every moment!

  4. Have fun Kelli, be safe!

  5. Wow, how fun! I’ve always wanted to go on a solo roadtrip but sometimes you have the lifestyle where it isn’t exactly practical anymore, so cool that you are doing it now!!!!!!! Have fun, keep safe.

  6. Have an awesome time! Can’t wait to hear about your adventures.

  7. Well, I KNOW “thy shall not covet thy neighbor’s really cool-sounding, heart-freeing, soul-replenishing, horse riding, fly fishing, road trip adventure”, but dang Sister, that just sounds like too much fun for a body to have! Waiting with bated breath to hear the stories and see the pictures. One day, you have to tell me your secret for making time in your business life to do such a thing! (eyebrow wiggle) I’m definitely interested–and I’m sure it has something to do with scrimping, creativity, bravery and some lean mean prioritization! LOL I’m so happy for you Kelli. Hope you have a blast–be safe and if you’re in the area, please pop on by! Hugs…

  8. The trip sounds wonderful. Have a marvelous adventure!

  9. Tina in Duluth July 8, 2009

    Your trip sounds wonderful! Be safe!

  10. Julia July 8, 2009

    And let me tell ya… what lies in Denver is fun. Can’t wait to meet you. Drive safely.

  11. Enjoy each moment of your journey. Be safe, and most of all have a great time.

  12. It sounds like an amazing thing to do Kelli! Be careful and safe, and yes, take lots of pictures for us, ok? I’ll be away when you’ll come back, so I guess we can catch up early august. Till then, big kisses to you.

  13. Best wishes for an absolutely wonderful adventure! Can’t wait to hear about all of it!

  14. Have an amazing trip! Be safe and enjoy.

  15. Enjoy! I love road trips.

  16. Safe travels, doll! Enjoy the healing effects of road travel 🙂

  17. Have a Blast Kelli! I too am off on my own adventure. Picking my bro up from the airport today and headed to the rocks, waves and beach of the beautiful Oregon coast. Nothing says regroup like a grand adventure!
    Hope you find that cowboy to kiss!!!

  18. Have an amazing adventure, and most of all, be safe. The Tetons are on of my favorite spots on the planet. Tell them “hello” for me.

  19. Be safe and enjoy America!

  20. Have fun, be safe! (You’re brave taking a solo adventure like that!) Hope you have a great time.

  21. Woohoo, a road trip to the prettiest place on Earth! I’m sending warm thoughts your way for a safe trip! Take lots of pics for those of us stuck at home.

  22. What an awesome opportunity to enjoy many adventures. Have an absolutely grand time, Kelli!

  23. Debbie July 9, 2009

    Hope you have a wonderful time!

  24. Fab-yoo-lous!!! Have fun being footloose and fancy-free. May your journey bring you joy and adventure and new growth.

  25. I predict a very happy cowboy or two in the near future. 🙂 Safe trip!

  26. Be safe and have fun!

  27. Wishing you a wonderful trip! Take lots of great pictures!

  28. Wishing you the best trip ever, be safe…ciao

  29. Oh, that’s so awesome! I had a very clever joke about juxtaposing your stars and cowboys plans, but I think you’re too sweet for my smutty joke. I wish you happy and safe travels!