Kindness Returned

April 4th


Easter is around the corner and I’m off to Texas to celebrate the holiday with family. Thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s Calculated Acts of Kindness Campaign. I have so enjoyed seeing the photos of your good deeds and reading your email. You are such a thoughtful bunch!

Kindness is a boomerang. You put it out there and it comes flying back at you before you know it — and often when you least expect it.

If you participated in CAOK in any way, please leave a comment and share how you pay it forward. On Sunday, I’ll select a winner randomly to receive a purse of her liking (handmade, not Prada), filled with lovely goodies. If the winner is male, perhaps some FedExed baked goods. {I can just see myself at the post with a chocolate cake and an overnight box. Ay!}

easter lily

Thank you again and I wish you all a lovely holiday weekend!


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  1. Feliz Pascoa cara Kelli.

  2. Thank you so much for inspiring so many people to pay it forward. And you are so right about it coming back to you when you least expect it. Thank you a thousand times!

  3. I had plenty of kindness paid to me in the past month. I’m amazed by the kindness of others.

  4. I participate in CAOK for the first time this year, and I has really trained my brain to think more about the random people I pass on the street, in the grocery store, or in line at the deli.

    So often, we see people not smiling and we assume they are in a bad mood, or stressed, or just plain grouchy … I’m beginning now to go out of my way and stepping out of my comfort zone to make a funny joke or say something light hearted that may make our brief time spent together a little less monotonous. It may be the best interaction they get with another person for an entire day!

    I remember being at the crowded airport several months ago, with standing room only at the gate. There was an elderly black woman trying to put on a fur coat (in Florida!! but that’s not the point) but she was having trouble balancing herself and her walker. I extended a hand and helped her put it on, and you should have seen the look on her face!! She was so grateful, and it’s so sad that our world has come to the point where even a small gesture of kindness is such a rarity.

    Finishing rant now. I just want to thank you for sharing your idea of CAOK with us all. It has helped me to be more thoughtful, and I appreciate it.

  5. This was my first year too in CAOK – it was so much fun sending little notes of love and goodies all over this country. I had so many that emailed me to let them know my card brightened a horrible day….and that’s just what the purpose was – to bring a little kindness to someone’s day. Thank you!!

  6. I participated for the first time this year too! And, actually, I am just now getting into it full swing, so I am sure it will last well past Lent! Happy Easter and Traveling Mercies!

  7. Well, I’m usually a kind person, meaning I leave the bus seats to elderlies or pregnant women or to women with children, I keep the door open for others, if an elderly is in line after me, usually I leave her/him my place, things like that. But I did one thing I’m very proud of: I have this collegue, a very weird person, always thinking that he’s the best, always in a bad mood (and without a really serious reason, trust me) always arguing with someone. I used to have frequent fights with him, I can’t stand people who think they’re worth while others are craps! Anyway, I stopped arguing wth him, and, better, I’ve even been extremely kind to him, talking to him, sharing with him my coffee break, ect. And you know what? I don’t know about him, but I feel way much better! It’s true, kindness pays back!

  8. Your idea of CAOK has definitely trained me to be more conscious of how I treat and act towards others. I enjoyed sending surprise packages to people back in the states who weren’t expecting me to email them. It made me feel good to send someone something that may put a smile on their face. Thanks Kelli, you def. put a smile on mine.

  9. I didn’t officially participate in CAOK this year. But I try to pay it forward throughout the year whenever the opportunity arises. Not calculated, just random.

    Yesterday I brought in a little bouquet of muscari from my garden in a little dessert wine glass. A coworker of mine has been having an awful week, so I left the flowers on her desk with a little note. I had originally intended the flowers for my own desk, but it was infinitely better knowing that she enjoyed them so much!

    Maybe next year I’ll try CAOK. 🙂

    By the way, pretty flower pictures Kelli!!


  10. During this time of CAOK, I sent off a few packages of goodies to some bloggers who I just “met”. I feel like I have been so blessed with kindness and friendships though this medium, it’s the least I can do. I hope my packages brought a smile to their faces.

  11. We did little bits here and there, but didn’t do any documentation. I used the experience to try and teach my daughter about unconditional kindness in an age appropriate way. As she grows older, I hope to increase our COAK’s. Year long.

  12. Tiffany April 5, 2007

    Hi Kel,
    You have really started something! Look at all the comments. And it is fun to pay it forward. I have sent off little treats and it has been fun! I hope my friend and family enjoyed their treats, as much as I enjoyed those I rec’d! Thanks!

  13. you always have the nicest pictures on your site. hope you have a great time in texas. happy easter.

  14. Have a wonderful HOliday!!!

  15. I didn’t participate but I always try to be a thoughtful and considerate gal. If I show Jesus’s love through me, others will know Him…Just one way to witness. Plus, a small town environment has rubbed off on me so I love opening doors for people and just smiling at strangers. *Note, when going to big cities, they don’t like it as much. Oh well, they get the same treatment! 🙂

    Maybe I will be an official participant next year.

  16. i have to say the way that COAK affected me the most was my mindset. when you deliberately try and do kind things for others, the peace come back to you immediately. a batch of cookies for a neighbor. a suprise gift in the mail fro a friend. thinking in a way that produces good energy and not negative energy. thanks for the peace kelli!

  17. I tried to call friends/family when I was thinking about them or felt like I should call them. It always feels good to be nice and to do nice things for people. Thanks for being a great example. You’re amazing!

  18. I participated this year in CAOK but not nearly as much as I wanted to – a couple packages to people I “know” from the internet (fellow bloggers), a cake for my husband which he had been craving, writing letters to people instead of just emails and inviting old friends to get together to break out of my (and their?) social ruts. It has been fun but I look forward to doing MORE. As always, Kelli, You are a true inspiration and should have warm fuzzies all over yourself! 🙂

  19. Kelli-just wanted to say thanks for all the inspiration and positive thinking that you always promote. I really love reading your blog everyday!

    As for CAOK, I agree with Heidi. It has made me more aware of what I’m doing for others on a daily basis. Thanks again!

  20. Happy Easter to you too! Enjoy your time with family. Safe trip.

  21. While it may be over, I still have a few CAOK tricks up my sleeve that I didn’t manage to pull off over the last month or so. I’m looking forward to getting them out there. 🙂

  22. Jennifer April 5, 2007

    Happy Easter Kelli! I love the way action affects thinking and feeling, as witnessed by so many posts. Proof that sometimes you just gotta take action! I enjoyed sending books to friends old and new. Thanks for inspiring and touching so many lives.

  23. Happy Easter Miss Kelli! I, too, have enjoyed CAOK for the first time this year. It’s so rewarding to make someone else feel good, and boomerang it does! You always get back what you give in life…..eventually. 🙂 I have a few more pictures to post and one or two more baked goods in mind before Sunday. Really though, I like to Calculate Acts of Kindness all year long. It makes me a better person. Safe travels my friend.

  24. Hi Kelli, I thought you would like to know that your hat was featured on whip up! I have enjoyed following along your CAOK gifts and I have special one for one of my friends who just went through surgery that will be finished (late!). Thanks for the inspirations!

  25. Surely you should be making that cute purse for yourself, you’ve been so instrumental in so many CAOK!

  26. I have been paying forward for years, I just never think about it like that. Just recently an elderly lady was left stranded at the mall by the Wheel-Trans service (they do that and have stranded my Mom on occasion). She was in tears and I used my cell phone to call them and arrange for her to be picked up and taken home. She was afraid to accept a ride from me (guess I can’t blame her). Right now there is a lady in the next bed to my Mom in hospital who has no visitors. I make sure her pillows are plumped and she was water and stuff since I’m there 12 hours a day with my Mom it’s no big deal. I always figure what goes round comes round. Next month my neighbour is having major surgery and again, she has no family so the neighbourhood is getting together in shifts to take care of her. It’s just the right thing to do…Kelli, I love the CD and listen to it at the hospital a lot, thank you…:)

  27. Thanks so much for CAOK- I really enjoyed it. Naturally I’d like to be thinking of others all the time, but somehow it helps to have a little extra push — a little extra reminder. It was fun to think of little things that might brighten someone’s day. Hope you had a wonderful visit with your family!