Kitchen Love

February 13th

PB heart cookie

PB Heart Cookies

Heart cookie

Peanut butter cookie hearts

Stack of PB heart cookies

Some peanut butter cookie love for Rex. He’s my sweet Valentine this year. Thankfully his wife doesn’t mind. He always brings me something sweet for the holiday — each of which is even more wonderful since he beat cancer. This year? A giraffe Beanie Baby with red hearts on it. He was so happy to give it to me today at the gym. Little guy watched over me as I treadmilled it.

Scenes from a Valentine's kitchen

Heart cupcakes for delivery

Ready for a sprinkle

And while the oven was on, might as well feed the coworkers, bagel boys and bowling team too.

Happy Valentine’s weekend, friends!


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9 Responses

  1. Ummm those cookies look yummy! I’m lucky to get a card most years, you rock!

  2. Oh my, those look like some serious thick and chewy pb cookies. And, I l-o-v-e peanut butter cookies! Mmmm… Happy Valentine’s weekend. Looks like you’re spreading the love through lots of sweet treats!

  3. Oh wow, those PB cookies look soooogood! Hoe long did you ahve to cook them in the heart molds? They look so thick and chewy. YUM! David would love these. Me too, but…..!

  4. Glad I’m nowhere near those delicious looking cookies. Couldn’t have just one!

    Happy Valentines to you K …

  5. Can I please grow up to be your kid?

  6. Wow, Kelli, you’re something! I thought I was being domestic to go to Safeway and buy some valentine cookies and a couple of little heart-shaped cakes. Those peanut butter cookies look delish!

  7. Hang on while I wipe the drool from my keyboard…

  8. Wow – you amaze me!

  9. I’m happy your friend Rex is doing well, and I’m sure he appreciated your sweets!