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January 26th

I’ve been rather blessed with awesome mail this week.
This came from Diane. I am pretty sure she designed this gorgeous little pouch. {Go take a look. I cannot get the photo to load and it is worthy of a peek!} Such great artistry! And the colors are some of my favorites.

pouch from Joanna

Speaking of, how awesome is this pouch? A gift from Joanna. She included a few fab tags and earrings too!

goodies from Joanna

Muchas gracias amigas!

I haven’t been sewing much this week. My tri training is eating up just about every ounce of my free time and energy. I did manage to finish this scrap bag however. It is a market bag to be used in lieu of those horrible plastic grocery sacks. It is similar to this one I made a year ago, although I’ve chosen not to felt this time around.

Use what you have scrap bag

I thought the handles were clever. I simply slipped grosgrain ribbon between a couple stitches and sewed them. Voila — a project completed entirely with what I already owned.

grossgrain detail for scrap bag handles

I have a good feeling the recipient will appreciate it!

This weekend: long swim, long run, long bike ride, lots of eating, lots of sleeping. And did I mention the eating?


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12 Responses

  1. Cute bag! What a super idea! I always have left over yarn and now I can use it and enjoy it instead of it taking up space in a bin in the garage.

    Have a great weekend…sounds like it will be full of good things.

  2. cute loot! Have a great weekend!

  3. Great idea about the market bag! Have fun this weekend.

  4. You did get some great mail!
    Good idea for the bag – love the ribbon handles.

  5. Lucky you!!

  6. great goodies!

    isn’t it a wonderful feeling to use what you already have? your new scrap bag is fab.

  7. ok, i’ve got to get a market bag. it makes me sick to see all the plastic bags i have accumulated at the grocery store. i do reuse them, but still so wasteful! happy weekend K

  8. Very cool gifts you got Kelli!! πŸ™‚

  9. nice little things you received.
    the market bag is great….love the one you felted.

  10. Great bag, I love it! πŸ™‚

  11. Tell me the secret of how you are always getting these presents in the mail. What is this, some secret gift club that I don’t know about? Love it!! As you know, pen pal, there is nothing like getting “real” mail that isn’t junk. Lovely stuff!

    Brava on the tri training. Keep it up!

  12. You’re welcome, Kelli! πŸ™‚ Cool knit bag. Will have to remember that grosgrain ribbon trick…