La Fashionista: Jewelry Edition

January 15th

You know those women you have in your life who are always put together? Not in a sense of perfect makeup or blown out hair, or even looking like a catalog. Truly stylish. Women who carry themselves with a sense of personal flare that is different from anyone else you know, but who pull it off?



Not the best photo to showcase Min’s fashion side, but I couldn’t find a good one. Trust me.

I’ve two women like this who I’ve regularly admired: Mini and Kara. Mini is a childhood friend who can wear a sequin mini-skirt, sky high boots and a tunic and somehow make it look like she’s ahead of both Gaga and Vogue. Kara is just the same. The girl has the most interesting collection of handbags, jewelry and shoes. She mixes and matches with a sense of fashion I truly envy.

Lovely Kara


Yep. Kara’s gorgeous. 

So, I nudged Kara last year into sharing her sense of style with me. She regularly blogs about her fashion choices and I thought it would be fun if we each shared something out of our wardrobes, monthly, that make us smile. (With, you know, the inherent selfish motive of hoping she helps me look at what I already own with new, fashionista eyes.) This month, she’s rocking turquoise. (My love of the stone is long documented. Several of my most cherished pieces of jewelry are chunky turquoise gifted by my grandmother Maxine.)

I also love chunky jewelry. I have a rule – I only ever wear two pieces of jewelry at one time. Earrings and a ring. Necklace and bracelets. Never all four at once. As a result, I often lean on big pieces of bright color that make me happy. Like this necklace I picked up in Johannesburg.


Or this one I bought in Cameroon from a street vendor.


I also love this ring my parents gave me for my 31st birthday.


My sense of style is much simpler. I wear mostly solid colors. I love the Gap – as boring and mundane as it may be. And I fully believe a great handbag can tie together an entire outfit. I often wear thrift store finds paired with brightly colored clogs and a handbag that cost half a paycheck. Thrifty-chic? I wouldn’t go so far. But I would say I’ve got a lot to learn from Mini and Kara about putting together an outfit and rocking it with a sense of confidence.

Now, the challenge is to do so without the shopping. Anyone else working on this?





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8 Responses

  1. Yes, I am! And since this will be my 20th year in Houston — land of the accessorized — it’s about time. Amassing the collection of options w/o spending $$ is also part of the equation. Definitely a creative challenge!

  2. Aw. I blush. You do realize I was voted ‘worst dressed’ in the 7th grade slam book, right?

    and you have great style. Clean. Classic. Jackie O.

  3. I love your style Kelli. I should take you shopping with me…

  4. You should host a Naked Lady Party! Get your friends together, bring over all the clothes/accessories/even gently-used makeup that you’re tired of, then swap! The Naked Lady part comes in when people are tearing off their tops, etc. to try things on on the fly.

    It’s so much fun and everyone gets a wardrobe makeover for free. And the best part — the host takes any “leftovers” to Goodwill or a women’s shelter.

  5. I’m quite the opposite, too much jewelry at one time, too often….

  6. Love love love that red necklace!! Way to rock a big piece 🙂

  7. I’m in a rut, and am trying to revisit my closet. I tend to dress in solid colors. I just don’t find too many patterns that I don’t think I’ll get bored with. I can mix things up a bit with accessories. I’ve been getting advice from my 11 year old granddaughter on how not to dress like an old lady. 🙂