Later Gators. Or Cats.

March 17th

Packaged up and ready to go
Adios gatos

The kitties are on their way to Canada.

Morag's going away

I am going to miss their mom, Morag. She’s been an excellent roommate. That said, I have a feeling she’ll be home in Arizona again soon enough.
We surprised her this weekend with a great going away party at San Tan Flats. Have you ever been there? It is officially in Egypt (out by the San Tan Mountains, through a sea of suburbia in Queen Creek and Gilbert) and takes a quarter tank to reach from Tempe, but is worth the drive. The burgers are excellent, the music is pretty good and it is a fun atmosphere. They have fire pits where you can roast marshmallows after dinner and their strawberry margaritas aren’t too bad either.
I’ve got to have a dinner party out there one of these nights. It reminds me of the old school Raw Hide, for those Arizona natives.


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12 Responses

  1. Not to mention, its close to me!! 😉 Not much is…

  2. Sounds like a fun place. Good luck to your roomie!

  3. Bye, kitties! Safe travels and lots of treats in your new home.

    (What are the little packages on the tops of their cages?)

  4. Did you make cute treats for all the kitties? We should’ve known you would! 🙂 Cute and thoughtful. Hope you and your roomie keep in touch!

  5. Haha, cute picture! And, that woman is buff!

  6. looks like fun and i love the lineup of kitties!

  7. C’mon it was a bit sad to see those kitties crated and on their way?

  8. Say Bon Voyage to your friends and the kitties.
    I like the music of that place, my kind of place really…..too pity it’s at the other side of the world!

  9. I wish your friend well in her future endeavors. I cannot imagine traveling with that many cats.

  10. Are those kitties getting ready to FLY? Great picture, though!

  11. Looks like those kitties will have to go in cargo! I wish them bon chance and bon voyage!

  12. My cats get upset during the yearly two minute drive to the veterinarian’s office. Flying. With five cats. Brave woman.