Laughing through the Chaos

April 7th

If the world was invaded by martians, I’d be the one laughing hysterically. Apparently having too much to do gives me the giggles. Today when work email was threatening to get up and walk off,  looking for more attention from another owner, I sat back and laughed. And with my current voice — think emphysema meets pollen — I sounded a bit like a hoarse blues singer with a case of lunacy.

There are some things I can manage and others I cannot.  Being kind to my neighbor vs. world peace, for example. The pantry? Oh, I can completely master this. As part of the CRAFT 09 along, this baby will be reorganized.  I’m thinking message/grocery board, new canisters, purging cookbooks and getting rid of all those dang jars. Here is the disturbing before photo:

Pantry -- BEFORE

How was I able to take such a shot from such a tiny room? Sitting on the dryer of course:

Sitting on the dryer

Hope your week is going well!


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12 Responses

  1. Can’t wait to see the after photos. This project is on my to do list also!!

  2. I, too, cannot wait to see your after photos. I’m sure whatever you come up with will be awesome.

  3. LOL on you sitting on the dryer! I think it’s much better to just laugh when you get stressed out than deal with it the 100 other ways that we all do!

  4. Oh honey, your pantry has NOTHING on mine! 😉

    Cute foot shot though.

  5. Great sense of humor = you’re feeling better! At least I hope so.
    Oh, and your pantry looks like heaven compared to mine. Can´t wait to see the after photo.

  6. Nice gams. Can’t wait to see the after shot.

  7. It’s really not that bad, but I bet you can make it look awesome. Good luck!

  8. This the before photo?!? Oh, Kelli. That would look like my after photo. It looks organized to me. That says a lot about me huh? Anyway, I hope your feeling better and I’m so glad you have the giggles.

  9. You call that disorganized?? Doesn’t look all that bad to me! Will be interested to see the after photos–pantry perfection!?

  10. TH and I have committed to reorganizing our kitchen this summer. Our pantry is crammed, too. 🙂

  11. I’ve got some pantry love to work on, too. Although mine might carry over into next month because I’ve got plans for those cabinets and it might take a while 😉

  12. Pantry shamtry! Looks fine just go out and enjoy life and play! Of course I’m just trying to get you not to make it look gorgeous like I know it will with the after pictures, (It already looks so much better than my pantry.) But I could see some cute curtains, maybe some more baskets that match a great print……eeekkk gag, just say no…….go play!