Le Sac

KatyRenee tagged me for “Inside your bag.” During the week I carry a work bag, no purse. Not so interesting, eh? On the weekends, I carry a bag large enough just for the essentials: camera, wallet, phone, lip gloss.
Since we are mid-week — the work bag, which as usual, is not handmade because I’ll be darned if I can make one strong enough for the weekday beating:

what's in your bag?

This week’s work horse, an Isaac Mizrahi Tarjay special from a few years ago.

what's in your bag?

Moleskin, agenda with mail shooting out, check book, address book, tiny recycled Prada pouch for lip gloss and sweets, wallet I’ve been using for 10 years, Blackberry, iPod.

what's in your bag?

Nalgene and ample reading material: Arizona Highways to plan weekend hikes; NYT Sunday Magazine, because it is my very favorite thing to read each week; latest novel.

In turn, I’d like to see inside the purses of TasterSpoon, Rhonda and Ellen. Tag!

7 Replies to “Le Sac”

  1. You work in an office, at a desk, right? Most of your work involves a computer, right?

    Same as me.

    I leave the house with a wallet and cellphone. My wallet has three credit cards, a Costco card, medical/dental insurance cards, driver’s license, and generally less than $40 in cash.

    I’ll grant the makeup “requirement” as one area of difference, but what about the rest? Why carry all that stuff? (and I do recognize that your inventory is very much on the minimalist side of the spectrum)

  2. 10 years you have been using that wallet? It’s in great shape. Mine fall apart after about a year. Thinking about it now, it’s the zippers that always blow. I am afraid to put my hand in my purse. I have dried up playdough, gum that has fallen out of it’s wrapper, racing cars, and several unknowns in there. It the kids….I blame the kids. 🙂

    I have ‘The Memories Keepers Daughter’ on my reading list. You’ll have to tell us if you liked it or not.

  3. You have great literary taste! That is one of my favorite books…I am amazed how you manage to make your workbag look nice and empty. Mine is spilling out at the seams. I think it’s time for a clean out.

  4. Hahahahaha, I have the exact same Fossil wallet, in both brown and black and have had them for the same time frame. Love them, they are perfect. Love everything that you have in your purse, perfect for whatever you have to do.

  5. Am I nosy for liking to see what other women have in their bags?? I’m always trying to pare it down, and can never quite manage it. I’m also always looking for the perfect bag but haven’t found it yet. Ah, well. The hunt is fun. 🙂

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