Leeks Are Just Giant Fancy Green Onions, Right?

February 18th

BBQ Chicken Pizza w/ leeks

BBQ Chicken Pizza w/ leeks

BBQ Chicken Pizza w/ leeks

BBQ Chicken Pizza w/ leeks

BBQ Chicken Pizza w/ leeks

And that is how with one quick run to Costco, you “cook” BBQ chicken pizza at home. I probably could have ordered one from the local pizza shop and it would have been healthier, but wowza — this was good. Without green onions, I browned leeks, onions and garlic. With shredded rotisserie chicken and a bit of bbq sauce — heaven.

The crowd was pleased.

I’m looking forward to spending time in the sun this afternoon with the leftovers and a good book.

Winner, winner, BBQ chicken dinner.


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5 Responses

  1. Being one of only 3 people left in the world that hates pizza, I have to admit BBQ pizza is delish! In fact, it’s the only pizza I will eat. Looks yummy – I might have to try that recipe!

  2. Ummm looks good! We never have pizza leftovers here!

  3. Well, aren’t they? Nom nom nom…
    p.s. rec’d a beautiful card recently from a beautiful friend (LUrrrrrvE letterpress)and am quietly doing successions of over contents of said card, since at a kneepopping 37 years, backflips at this time are rather out of the question. Heeeeeeee… …

  4. successions of eek!littlehappydances…it was supposed to read “successions of eek!littlehappydances”….
    And we are going to have to try your recipe–I love pizza, but Mark believes that it is the perfect food of the gods… LOL

  5. Delish!