Let’s Just Call it A Bro-Fro, at This Point

March 24th

Cody, Gram, Me

Cody came to town this weekend, which meant a visit to Tucson to see our grandparents.

Pap, Cody, Gram

(Obviously, he spent a lot of time on his hair prior to this road trip and dinner. Also obvious, my grandparents couldn’t have cared less.)

No Anchovies Pizza

Whenever we are in Tucson, we have to swing through his favorite pizza spot — No Anchovies. He was sad he no longer had the “buy 1, get 1” coupon books from his UofA days, but he still happily wolfed down several slices.

No Anchovies Pizza

No Anchovies Pizza

No Anchovies Pizza

No Anchovies Pizza

Any time I can get with my brother, I’ll take. I adore him. And I also often want to shake him. So goes the sibling relationship.



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5 Responses

  1. My brother and I? DITTO.

  2. That pizza looks YUMMY! Looks like you had fun with your brother and grandparents!

  3. Even though I’m not a pizza eater – that pizza looks amazing!!! I’m glad you got to spend some time with your brother : ) My brother lives far away and I also cherish any time we have to hang out…

  4. My brothers are both losing their hair, they’d be happy for that much lol. (and they aren’t even 30 yet) That pizza looks so delicious! Grandma and Grandpa look pretty happy to see him 🙂

  5. I don’t have borther or sister, can I borrow yours?