Let’s Just Leave It Packed, Shall We?

Oh, I’m moving again. Back to Tempe, hi ho, hi ho. As such, I am once again condensing, organizing, packing and coordinating moving stuff. For the fourth time in less than 18 months.

Organizing spices, again...

Nope. I don’t want to talk about it. Yep. I am glad I didn’t buy another address return label rubber stamp for the current joint.

And while I should be going through the boxes of art supplies stuffing the third floor closet, instead I am taking a closer look at things that really don’t make any major difference, like my spice shelves.

Organizing spices, again...

There has to be a better way. Right? Why don’t spice makers make all of their containers stackable? They know most of us store spices in this tiny shelf above the stove. Or perhaps, those of us who are 5’10 and taller do. There has to be a better way than this current nonsense.

Organizing spices, again...

Enter one of my very favorite kitchen items: the Mason jar.

(Okay, technically these are Kerr jars. They were also $8 for 12, making this new system completely practical.)

Organizing spices, again...

Organizing spices, again...

Organizing spices, again...

Organizing spices, again...

Organizing spices, again...


Goodbye, old containers. You will not be missed.



Organizing spices, again...


Although I did save a couple of the nicer glass jars, sterilized them and filled them with other items I keep with spices.

Organizing spices, again...

Organizing spices, again...

Ta-da! I know. I know. It still doesn’t look like something from the Container Store, but it did scratch my “must organize something” itch. What you can’t see is within those two boxes are alphabetized spices, with the ones we use most often in the top. And let’s be frank: the more we keep in boxes at this point, the better.

If you too find comfort in cleaning and organizing when life otherwise seems a bit topsy turvy, may I recommend my very favorite OCD blog. Yeah. Those ladies make organization an art.


14 Replies to “Let’s Just Leave It Packed, Shall We?”

  1. I feel your pain, Kelli. I’m moving Friday and downsizing majorly (from a 2-bedroom apartment into one room, but it’s for a good cause), while putting the majority of my furniture into storage… Good times. I too find myself avoiding the crafts closet and thinking I’m just going to put it all in storage instead of purging it like I know I should. But someday I’m going to sew those vintage dresses I have patterns and fabric for… right after I lose those 15 lbs.

  2. hey, thinking of you. i love that you always find the good in every situation-new spice jars!–but i know this can’t be easy.

    lots of love-

  3. Amazing idea!! I just bought a stupid lazy susan for my new pantry and that quelled the organizing itch for a bit. This is brilliant!!

  4. Not again! I can’t keep track of your moves girl! and I have to change again my address book! Is this work related? Or just family reasons?

  5. I have all mine in little plastic containers (they actually came with garbage bags in them and my mom used to use them to organize movies). I have them seperated my name like A-B, B-G H-Z lol. It works great because now they don’t fall on my head anymore.

    Are you staying in the same job? I have not moved in over 20 years. I can’t imagine moving so much!

  6. Wishing you all good things in Tempe. Nope you don’t have to talk about it. There are sure to be many good experiences awaiting your arrival.

    Moving though … UGH … I always find myself jettisoning things and then wondering how on earth did I end up with so much “stuff” to begin with ???

    Safe travels and new adventures 🙂

  7. I’ve been using my pint & quart mason jars for just about everything going in the fridge these days – homemade mayo, salsa, dressings, salads, leftovers, etc. (the plastic screw top lids are perfect for this!) I think I need to pull some of my “tiny” jars to do this with the pouches of spices from the last Penzey’s order.

  8. Love this idea most of all and I am also in the same process of re-bottling spices etc…Do send me your new address when you can my friend! Best wishes on your move!

  9. Goodness, girl! Good luck on this new move and adventure. You and Nelson will be in my prayers. (((hugs)))

  10. I love that you organized them this way and that you alphabetized them!! I want to go to that OCD blog, but am scared to go for obvious reasons! I bought a label maker “just because”…!! Happy packing, my dear!

  11. Love the jar idea!!!! Made my heart flutter – yay – weekend project!
    Tempe really? I was so looking forward to my coffee on the ‘Arcadia’ veranda with you… in your precious patio garden… sad =(
    I am so far behind on catching up on your blog!!! I was having Kelli blog withdrawals so now I will make 50 comments on way-too-old posts – forgive me.

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