Let’s Send the Parkers to France Early

May 18th

Dear Dad,
Remember how you moved from Phoenix to San Antonio a couple years ago? Well, I’ve endured. It hasn’t been fun paying $400 every time I want to see my mom, but I’ve kept my complaints to a minimum. In all fairness, the last time I visited I kind of liked it. You know, the whole Texas thing. The big hair, big style, big Christian spirit. It was fun and God knows it was friendly.
Friendly Dad. You Texans are normally so sweet and kind. Everyone — and I mean everyone — stops to say good morning. People hold doors open. There is this state-wide phenomena of amazing manners. (Minus the one rule about not invading other countries, but that’s an entirely different post and last time I checked, there were plenty of Texans asking DC to keep the idiot.)
So, with all that friendliness in mind, what the hell is wrong with Robert Horry? The dude is just mean. If I see you even think of cheering for those darned Spurs, Cody and I are going to throw a fit making even your resident desperate housewife take note for the dramatics.
Now, let’s all say it together: GO SUNS!
We Arizonans have a history of amazing comebacks, after all.


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12 Responses

  1. Oh no, culture clash 🙁
    I didn’t understand a word of this post 😉

  2. Steve Nash May 18, 2007

    Go Suns!!! Spurs are dirty.. Suns win in 7…

  3. So funny…

    And because I know you don’t have anything to do (right?), I’ve tagged you!

  4. I love this post on so many levels (well said about the Texans and the one bad apple)! Sorry it didn’t work out for the Suns. I used to love the Spurs (and I’m a native Californian!). And as for Horry… it’s clear that once a Laker always a Laker. Go Jazz and may you kick major Spur butt!

  5. Quote: “Minus the one rule about not invading other countries, but that‚Äôs an entirely different post and last time I checked, there were plenty of Texans asking DC to keep the idiot”

    I love you!!!!!!
    And tell you’re daddy he’s really handsome!

  6. I’ve had to lay low this basketball season (I’m a Spurs fan living in Phoenix). We’ve had to resort to secret meetings and even have a special handshake as to help us identify true Spurs fans.

    I will say that Robert Horry was a Suns player before he went to LA because of anger issues then he came and messed up our little team. 🙁

    Go! Spurs! Go!

  7. I’m depressed the Suns lost to those dirty arrogant Spurs. GO JAZZ! GO ANYONE BUT THE SPURS!

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