Sewing Summer Stationery

Yesterday I sewed and stamped summer stationery. This week, I’ll write lengthy letters to my pen pal in Italy and my grammie who doesn’t email.

It isn't backwards, but whatever.

Who doesn’t like getting personal mail? There is a new national campaign to encourage letter writing as an art. I have to agree; I don’t save much, but in my small collection of most cherished things, there are several letters I’d run back into a burning building to save. Now, to find a good pen…

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  1. I love the written word in all forms. Plus I love handmade cards, and making cards for others. (I have a feeling you will really enjoy this week!)

    p.s. My current favorite “letters” are thank-you cards from my niece, who is practicing her new-found handwriting skills. Priceless.

  2. I love that! I want to mail it to someone but I don’t know who. Perhaps I’ll put it in mailboxes up and down the stree! But without your magnificent handwriting I fear it wouldn’t have the same impact. Beautiful.

  3. I love getting a letter in the mail, it is so much more personal than an email. I’d love to send a little note your way, but I didn’t keep your address. Also, thanks so much for visiting my blog, you’re like a celebrity to me 😉

  4. This is definitely on my project to-do list. You know how I love email, but there is nothing like getting a nice, fat, old-fashioned letter in the mail. Actually, though, I need to concentrate on making them a little less fat and a lot more frequent. So many to-dos….

  5. What lovely stationery, Kelli! I’m so glad that there’s a resurgence of interest in old-fashioned correspondence.

  6. i love getting letters, maybe even more than writing them. i’ve never thought of making my own stationary though. i should give it a try. i just use what laying around usually.

  7. my gramma keeps me honest too when it comes to letter writing. i have boxes of her letters fro when i was little to the one i received llast week. a fine art i must say. AWESOME stationary by the way!

  8. While email is instantaneous, real letters in the mail box are a treat. Recognising a friend’s handwriting on the envelope, feeling the fatness of the letter, making a cup of tea, sitting down to open letter and read it slowly. Then read it again. Disappear into the letter, like a book. I can hear my friends’ voices talking to me. So much better than email!

  9. Yay! Can’t wait. I never would have thought that after college we would have become pen pals but I have to say that getting your handwritten letters all the way over here in Rome is always a real treat. There is anyone else who I write snail mail to, although I’d like to start sending out little cards “just because” to more people. I’m glad we’ve developed this tradition. It also gives me a chance to find and enjoy nice stationery to use for the letters.

  10. I have many boxes full of letters and postcards collected over the years, and they’re ones of my most beloved treasures! Nice stationery, really well made!

  11. As you know Kelli, I’m a huge fan of getting mail, there is nothing like seeing a hand written letter/card in the post box. When I was a child, I used to make up stories about my life, in letter form, and “mail” them to my mom, with an envelope and everything. My mom has kept them all these years and just the other day sent them to me. what a riot! Thanks for the reminder!

  12. There is nothing better than a handwritten letter. I enjoy taking the time to write to my few far away friends a couple times a year. And am always looking for great stationery. Your stationary is so lovely Kelli.

  13. I think email is the best thing ever but I do miss the big fat letters my best friends and I used to send (complete with stories of our romantic successes and failures, lol). Great quote you have there, too.

  14. I like the idea of making my own stationary, have too too many projects on the front burner right now tho. Actually Kelli, in ref to my garden, its a mess, I need to spend time outside working but its like a tropical jungle right now with all this rain. I don’t want to complain tho. Its tough growing a garden in Phoenix, I’ve lived there, its a challenge.

  15. I love your stationary! I am a big fan of the tangible mail, although I haven’t been a good letter writer of late. I have a box of letters from family and friends that I have been lugging around from apt to apt over the years. It’s on my fire save list too.

  16. I have to agree with you, I have letters my dad wrote to me when I was a teenager as well as wooing correspondence between me and Mr. Knitsonya, definitely grabbing those on the run. Lovely sentiment and beautiful stationary.

  17. I definitely agree Kelli. I have started hand making all the birthday cards to be sent out to our friends and family each year. It’s fun and everyone loves getting homemade stuff.

    I love your stamps, and your color choices (as usual).

    Have a great day!

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